Sativa for panic attacks

Stimulants quiet ADHD people down. To them its like taking a Valium.

The way I see its hiting the frequency. If its fast, like with ADHD, it smooths out.

I have also used the same tactis on my kids, hold ya breath lol, with music..... When they are (two, ACTIVE, boys, you know the drill;) ) high up and spinning around and might getting tired and cant "get down".. What does the father do? Music, something "heavy" and with a good volume.. BAM! ZZzzzzzzzZZZZzzzzz...... Doesnt ALWAYS work, but many many times it does....


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Sorry if this has been discussed before but I have recently met someone that asked for sativa (malawi x panama) to fix her panic attacks. She only uses tiny amounts but says it can stop an attack in its tracks. It goes against the usual perception of sativas causing paranoia/anxiety.

I think the key words here are "tiny amounts". Dose is everything.

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