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Reminder - Using Correct Address Format

Breeders Retail

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Hello all :)

I'd just like to point out to any future clients who wish to purchase from Breeders Retail, if sending funds via mail, to use the correct address format.

We've recently had a couple of stray letters that, according to the international postal system, went astray because the address wasn't correct.

In the UK this is (and in regards to our PO box)..

1: Name of company
2: PO box number
3: City
4: Postcode
5: Country

Please only write the address in this format with a break after each line.

The address must be written clearly by you the customer, in the format above, so we can get your order. The responsibility is yours to write the address correctly.

This is just to mitigate any future problems regarding the Royal Mail giving the excuse of our address not being legible or correct.

Hope that's all fine with you all. :)

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