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Remember When


anoydas 666

and the bread delivery by horse n cart. free shit with yer bread.

anoydas 666

i remember black jeans when they first came out, zips on the pockets yeehaw, pegged pants or stovepipes lol, pointed toe shoes.


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Had a lava lamp in my room in 7th grade (1966).
Image similar to my dad's phone out in the garage. Loved that type of phone!!


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I remember the helms donut guy driving through the neighborhood getting all the kids jacked on maximum sugar rush...


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How bout running behind the Mosquito Man's truck that was spraying DDT at the Jersey shore?... and right after him was the ice cream truck, still in the fog!


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... and bread (different truck mind you).

In those days folks had jobs which, in turn stimulated the economy. That has all been replaced with automation and shopping from a keyboard!

I spent a bunch of my coin collection on that Helm's bakery truck. Mostly on sugar cookies.

These days I like snickerdoodles.


Speed of Dark

I remember when that happened. I also remember an eerily similar collage of photos from the past week of streets full of tear gas backed by locked and loaded soldiers.

I participated then, I will participate now. And being old with less to lose I will not object to riding point.

anoydas 666

I remember short back n side haircuts ,now there short back n sides.


I can remember

I can remember

I was born in 1966.
I remember the Atari computer in 1989.
BBS and 14kbs modems and noise when you connected.


I remember Italian Crackdown, but I was a simple user and not a Sysop.


The first Italian Internet provider for individuals.
You paid € 300 for an email and the possibility to connect via the analogue telephone line

I remember the PDP calculator where I worked in 1988.
It had been installed in the 70s and worked until 2000.
It occupied a room dedicated to controlled temperature and humidity.
To modify the program, a programmer from Switzerland came to Turin. I remember using different colored socks on the left and right foot.
Bootstrap was a Monday morning ritual, with sorcerers performing superstitious rituals to ward off bad luck.

I remember how the internet represented an ideal of freedom.
Finding alternative information was a struggle and a civil commitment.
I remember when all the forums were the same as ICMag.
But I think that an innovative use of the thematic forum communication tool could be the answer in this period of great changes.

I made a trip thanks to an extraordinary plant and to this forum.
I have some plans:
- free hemp in Italy within a year.
- create an online teaching platform with the help of the Open Source community. I hope to be able to get in touch with the community of Telegram and Wikipedia Italy.

Comunque Sempre Buon Coltivo

Bud Green

I dig dirt
My first car was an old Chevy pickup truck, one year older than I am..

I remember 2 times running out of gas but coasting into the gas station and putting 25 cents worth in it...

It was enough gas to get me home and back out to the gas station the next day...


anoydas 666

mine was a 48=52? ford pilot[Canadian] flathead v8 had a lot of fun in that old hulk, 16 I think , cant remember for some reason.no licence , learnt in the empty block across from car yard.