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Reeferman Airborne G-13 s1


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I grabbed a pack of these after recently sampling some AG13 and the BHO from it. I was really impressed and realized I had smoked plenty of AG13 before without knowing what it was called at the time. Love the taste and smell kinda nutty and full indica stone.

Started 2 but I had some issues with warm temps recently and lost 1. The other looks heavy indica and is at the 4th node currently. Hoping to veg this one quick and get a taste soon!

I will get pics once its big enough to talk about!

Thanks Mr. Charles Scott!


Looking forward to the show lost tribe, I've been curious about this one too. The G13 haze from Mr nice has that nutty flavor you mention, must be a G13 thing lol


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Looking forward to the show lost tribe, I've been curious about this one too. The G13 haze from Mr nice has that nutty flavor you mention, must be a G13 thing lol

The sample I had had a killer potent sorta spiciness involved in the nuttiness as well.

I have had lost of this airborne in the past (10 years ago) and the second I inhaled it knew it was the exact same. Unique taste that is just awesome and a killer body stone to boot!

Currently at 4th leaf set and took 3 big babes out of the mom chamber today to get more light to the g13 and my new bros grimm C99!

This one gets flowered as soon as it is big enough to yield! Cannot wait!


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Nice Lost!! Wish charles would drop back in...Haven't heard a peep from him in awhile.... getting ready to flip the Elohim tester.. cheers!!


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Not much to show yet you guys know how it is but I will update once it is appropriate. Took down a couple older mothers that were taking up all the light too so this one ought to take off pretty soon. Definitely looking forward to this run after finding out I have smoked this on occasion without knowing. Loved it before so hoping it puts out!


Thanks for sharing this with us LostTribe!

Really looking forward to this show — sub'd in!



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that airborne g13 is def some serious fire, also way prettier of a plant than the Lemon G 13. Its very similar tasting just without the citrus.Makes so of the best hash on the planet. Good luck Lost, hope you find some serious gems in those beans brotha!


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This girl has more space and light intensity now but is still pretty tiny as she's in my bonsai mom cab with 2 23w CFL warm bulbs and DWC tray. I just took out 3 big ones that where hogging all the space so everything can breath in there now and should help.

I have a new Male might try out. Super Vigorous 88g13xhashplant X Bros Grimm Afghani Male that Soul gave I might hit on this one if I have the means and time....

Definitely going to figure out how to bloom this one out as soon as the size is there might be a while but will definitely update down the road. I have a current set already going and have a pack of Soul's C99 I want to bloom on deck so this will be Fall bloom probably but should be nice size by then....


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Finally coming along and this one is on deck for the next group to get flowered out but that won't begin until the end of August. The stems reek in a great way when they are rubbed nice indica structure!