really long time.


ok so I'm medical...but just got the paperwork.

I started to grow a plant. and i was told it would be 8 weeks for my paperwork to coem in for my licence.

so i started a few seeds then. my plan was to wait till i had my actual paperwork and then start to flower.

well the 8 weeks turned into almost 9 mths if i remember right.

so my plant was pretty big and still in veg...I'm talking about 4 feet tall at least possibly more....this was all indoor under 2 small 4 foot fluro tubes. on 18 hrs a day in soil

when i finaly got my paperwork..i put the plant in the flower room witch was a 400 HPS.

it's been there since mid november and here we are april 26th and it's still not done.

it has all kinds of great bud sites..but no actual budd forming. the pistiles are orange and turned towards rthe plant..and the trichs are all clear with maybe less then 5% of them cloudy. I have a 60x magnifyer and can clearly see the trichs.

i more or less put this plant as a learnign expirience.

and have learned allot....

but would like to try to get a bit of somethig out of it....this is bagseed BTW

i have a few clones of afghani my buddy got for me that are my real babies...and 1 is ready to be put in the flower room...I'm chanign my flower room around and plan on installign shelfs rather then movign the light gona just ve the plants up and down.

so that means the plant (bagseed) one has to go here soon. and iw as hoping to get the nice weathe ris you think it'll hurt the plant if i put her outside for the last bit.

the plant is in a 5 gallon bucket and can be moved easy enought....

would it do any harm to put it outside now when it has been under 12/12 for 5+ mths and put outside to almost 15 hrs of sun per day now..but I'm lookign to put it out in another 2-3 weeks.

and what would cause it to go so slow? this is what confuses me so much....the plant itself looks very healthy and lush. i did trim it in veg a bit and had 3 main shoots go up...the main main shoot has a main cola about 18 inches long and about another 8-10 smaller 6-8 inch cola's but no actual nugs..just sites that apears to show where the actualy budd will eventualy go....

wish i could get a pic to better show you all.

any advice would be greatly appreciated.


Hello n welcome! LOts smarter people than I on here,but I'll give it a start. Bag seed may be the complete answer.Genetics determine flowering time.
I hav also heard that keepin a plant in flower to long will build up a hormone(?) to stop it from flowering.
Depending on your loc on the planet, puttin her outside now would switch her back to veg.Given enuogh root space she should b freakin huge by autumn.Nuggs?? Genitics!!
Your Afghanies will be much better to judge from experience. And OMG the selection on here!! I want them alllll.. Luck brudda


Thanx...I'm assuming this one is long gone..but the last few weeks showign the new tops growing...and searchign for the light makes me wonder if it'll start soon or

" And OMG the selection on here!! I want them alllll.."

sure hope you are not referign to as i only got the afgahnie now..seeds from 1 guy that has 2 good straing somethign purple and somethign big kush does that sound right? lol

i also have white rhino and white widow but waiting to see how these go goal is to have 1 mother of all the strains i have and rotate the harvest for a few smaller indoor grows sog style.

eventualy I"ll get a few of every strain i have and put them under the sun..i have quite a bit of land so built me a small greenhouse...beign legal is so much


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What is the timer set at in your "flower" room? Have you checked that its actually working as its set?


it is indeed set for 12hrs on 12 hrs off.

for a shrot time near the very beginign of flower we did lose power for an hrs and it was fof so 1 night it had 13 hrs of dark and 12 hrs of light..but that was the only issue i had.

and yes it is going on and off as it should....I'm normaly there when it turns on and off....
dude its gotta be the timer or photo period. Buds should be forming after 3 weeks. double and triple check that timer. It shouldn't take 5+ months even w/ bag seed.

I had this same prob and wasted an entire month I thought I was flowering but a 400w light wasn't kicking over so it messed the whole photoperiod up.

try giving her 24 or 48 hrs total darkness to really trigger her flowering hormones.

if you wanna put her outside then give her 24hrs light now and see if she flips back to veg by the time u wanna put her out.


thanx for the advice....

to all of you thank you it is very well appreciated.

I'm leaning towards lettign it stay on the 12/12 it's on now till I'm ready to put my other plant in the flower room...witch could very well be this weekend...

then I"ll put her outside...we still got snow in the woods but I"ll put her just outside my basemenr door and hope for the best..if i get anythgin bonus....

what a great sitefor resources tho..thanx a million all :)


well i decided to unplug the flower light....and let her go into darkness from 8:30 am today till probly sometimes tomorow morning. my light was on midnight till noon before so it was on from midnight till 8:30 today and will go into darkness till 9 am tomorow so i cna have a better light schedule....

while it is in darkness....I'm going to redoe my flower it is now was simply roofing tar paper hung from the ceiling and walls..and had great i know no light leaks...but I'm going to build a mini frame and get some mylar and line the walls with's hoping it makes a diff :) if it does...I"ll be tossing in my afgani in there as well...:)