question for sam the skunkman on the original haze


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Hi guys
I never liked botany in my life, at high school I copied at the examinations...I simply cant believe I love growing plants and I am discovering this so late in life
All the info you post is much appreciated even if I hardly can follow because of lack of knowledge

I call tri this
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I call this quad, I have no clue of the scientific name. Sadly didnt survive, very difficult to grow and make them into adulthood.
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I had quite a lot of tris. very difficult ones, I had tris with NL5xHz F4 progeny too crossed with same mixed pollen haze males
They are much much slower than normal plants and this is the first time I see the haze tris on flower
I never had a male tri. All of them of the different genetics that made it into adulthood were girls

Edit: I just remembered the name. SamS taught me, I am not good student. Whorled phillotaxy
It happened also from pack with CG72 and Fighting Buddha
Edit 2: I just checked the plants, they made seed. One of them is crossed to Oldtimer Green Haze low productivity male and the bigger girl is crossed with the selected male Smoh BX posted in this thread a few pages back. Pachamama Haze F2 is not pollinated yet. I hope to get a little bit of pollen from my Zamal boy in time for them
cool man that sounds great. ive used your nl5hzc 91 tom hill cross as a great example of trangressive segregation as that plant looked nothing like either parent. weve got tons of info over st beanbasement with stone guru and dj9. heres the main thread stop by anytime



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also check out this insane feature of outback haze x n vietnam. vegetative clonal reproduction. nearly half the plants have extra mini mis which popped up 5 to 6 weeks after germination after a dry out or hot day. this has never been seen in cannabis before but is common in populus. pretty cool 3 new plants just popped a new one last night


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Tom hill haze f2
And three females
Are those the Mints? I just harvested her again and the crystalization is immense. Took her all the way thru this time even got a bit of amber. Can't wait to be able to smoke some of this batch should be better than the first one. I took some pics but will have to go thru them another day pretty swamped. I have been toking up the Original Haze quite a bit lately, got a couple new pheno's from these todd repro, one smells rubbery and the other is oniony freshly cut. They both had nice tops not as slender yet still slender I guess you might say. The rubbery one is thicker by comparison yet they are still light w a squeeze vs an indica.


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I'd like to note that the OHaze from Todd and the THH from ol Tom both have tended to stay quite short from clone the last 2 runs in coco. I did however start the minty thh under the canopy of some indica's for the first 3 or so weeks to give her extra time to finish up. The octo THH liked to stay shorter in stature regardless of grow style hydro/soil/coco/hps/led.


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I agree LOL those are old seeds left in the medium..or someone was dabbing while planting them ..:)
i thought that at first and 1 or 2 could be related to that, but the plants keep sending these suckers out some plants for have 3 or 4 little ones. it is very weird for sure been trying to figure out why the stem is growing these underground. never used the dirt before and i counted out the germination cups to how many beans i had. its certainly possible it explains a couple of em. but there are upwards of 15 all added together between cups.

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while it sounds cool and novel,
cannabis just doesnt strike growth from the root system ,
its never been reported , and in all the many tens of thousands of plants ive seen and grown, its never happened either,
so the only answer is its some seeds in the mix striking ...

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