PurGro 1K4 Flip Ballast?


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Just wondering if anyone has used/seen/heard anything about this thing?


The thing i'm really curious about (aside from how well it works!) is whether I have to run all 4 ballasts all the time or if you have the option to just fire up say 2 and use only 2k. Thanks for any info you guys can share :tiphat:


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Yeah I've checked it out & would love to own one ! & if i ever get big enough to need it .... i plan on trying it .
its a sweet ballast & its field serviceable . which means all four ballsts (internally ) are completely seperate . i'm assuming they're like circuit boards that can be pulled & serviced seperatly . as far as whether or not each ballast can be used seperatly .... yes . but i'm not sure about the flip feature . i don't know if you can flip flop say 2 lights out of the 4 . I would call & talk to a rep before i decided to buy one .... theres a few questions i have too .
i'd really love to try this ballast but i just don't have the need for it . I would however suggest if you do buy one ..... buy 2 & have 1 as a spare in case something does go wrong with it , you have 1 to use while the other is being fixed . 8000 watts to be all out at once could really fuk things up . :)


yah, Ive noticed that ballast also, I wonder how much electricity is cut having all connection in one package?


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I got an email back from them and apparently the ballast is 'smart' enough to tell which channels have lamp cords plugged into them at startup and will only fire those channels. So you can run anywhere from 1-4k with it and flip what is plugged in. Seems pretty decent.

Buying 4 good 1k digi's and a 4 flight flip is about 300$ more at the places I shop so this seems like a worthwhile piece of gear. I really like the fact that a dead channel can be repaired by the user with their parts kit, I have had to straight up replace a dead digital in the past because sending it off for warranty was not an option.

Honestly for my upcoming plans I will only run 2 of the 4 channels, but really then I have the option of switching to one of the unused ones should something happen and I need to wait for the repair kit. I saw some video of the unit on youtube as well and it looks like it would take up a lot less space then 4 separate 1k units and the flip box, kind of nice! Wiring it directly to the feed from the panel is also nice and simple. I will add more info to this post after I ask them a few more questions :wave:


its a great idea.. i just dont see how a small box like that can handle the heat of 4 ballasts in 1 ? id like to see some1 use one.. before i get on board. but i was told by my hydrostore out here that they are trying to get them to send a Tester to setup in the store.. so people can see how they work.. im waiting on that or someone here to say its worth it .