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I've been wanting to try your secret recipe for ages, now seems like a good opportunity.

Is this offer is applicable to bou as well as the bay?

I'm gonna buy 2 packs so when purchasing shall i just state my choice of freebie with the order?

and everything in the offer will show up in one package?

looks like i'll be running csg gear for a while...

This offer is both Boo and BAY yes.

If it is only the CSG beans you are buying then it will go out in one pack! If you add beans from other breeders then it will be multiple packs.

If your order is more then 4 packs extra shipping charges apply. I think im seeing 7 packs(great deal) so it will be 10$ for shipping. Dont forget to add that...

If you are only buying the CSG beans ( so up to seven packs) then $5 shipping will do. If you are sending in payments for other breeders then extra shipping should be added. We are considering the CSG deal freebies like the normal freebies we put in normal orders.

So if i have really confused anyone then let me know.


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nice one on the clarification clarence
on the ball as always



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thanks bullfrog for helping sneekyfarmer through the purchasing process



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This is part of why CSG rules people... good business! Promotions, excellent web presence and support. Among the best of ICMAG!

I approve:)


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Well, most likely, there goes my chance of getting 2 packs of CJ S1s for a while...

And I'm missin out on a free pack of SSSDH.

What a day, what a day.

Great promotion none the less. Keep up the great work over here you guys.


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il send some in on monday to arive for tuesday



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Dam, thats a deal right there!
You Guys are killin it Bro.Im glad to have your Gear.I got around a 100 or so Seeds of you guys Work goin right now.100% Germ on everythin.Alot of stinky fast growing seedlings.CSG has quickly become one of my Top Fave Seed Co's,big or Small.Havent seen anything i wouldnt be proud to grow and im pretty much growin everything as itis :jump:,and im picky about what i run in my Garden.Ive Got,CheesDog,Cheese n Chong,Cheese n Chaze.SSSDH,RainbowJones,OGChem,Feul,Secret Recipe,WhiteJones,Hazey Jones,OJD's Haze,GrandDoggy Purps and a few More i cant think of right now off the Top of my head.I mean,a full room dedicated to just you guys.Thank You:tiphat:.And here you go again,just givin everyone a deal like no other would dare give out.Thats Customer Service at its Best,and the fact thats its all top shelf is crazy. Inder 400's now and Cant wait until im sitting under six 600's in between a Jungle of CSG Gear,just happy as hell:dance013:.And by the looks of all i got goin and how vigorous these plants are growing,its going to be real soon ill be flippin the switch.If all Breeders were like OJD and True,there would never be a complaint about pretty much anything Seed/purchase related,imo.Glad to be a part of it,and am going to have to get in on this deal also to add to all youve givin so far.Aint no other MJ Site got it like IC,IMO!!!


To Have More ... Desire Less
sure would be nice for the NEW B00 site to go live w/ that CC ordering.....BET this deal would FLY off the shelves.....F0certain........hint/hint/hint/hint/hint/hint..........
IT'z just been to long for CC orders......nolonger even makes sense......
just unleash the phracking.....new B00..............


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purple cheddar?

Connoisseur Genetics Seeds Purple Chedder Feminized
Cheese (Original Exodus cut) x Grandaddy Purple

The original Exodus Cheese cut known for its splendid funky odors meets another skunky strain in the Grandaddy Purple. Amazing colours and unique smells make this one special in every aspect. A true flavor junkies delight with taste that lingers for hours. Look out for the purple cheese pheno. Odors are sure to be extreme so beware.

Can't wait!!


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I think we are looking at around June for the next Grandaddy Purps release but will keep everyone updated.

Uncle Rukus

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I think we are looking at around June for the next Grandaddy Purps release but will keep everyone updated.

Thanks bro. Will you be still selling them as a 5 pack or will you put in a 10 pack too. I will definitely by the 10 pack. In the mean time I will just go clone crazy with the GDP. What strain is your biggest yielder?

Oh, and thanks to Connoisseur Genetics for standing by their product. The best thing of all is that there is a person we can actually contact and interact with. That alone puts you guys above the competition...besides having superior Genetics. I literally haven't heard one negative thing about cg. Keep up the great work you guys.
Purple cheddar sounds awesome. I really want to try some of your gear. Just bought new furniture for my house so my funds wont be replenished for about another week. I so hope you guys still have stock left next week.

This is a great deal!!!

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