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Recently there has been debate regarding members who post up links to specific products being sold commercially.

While we do allow mentions of products that are helpful to all growers we do not allow offsite links to commercial products.

When recommending a product the polite, proper and respectful thing to say is that I have used product so-and-so successfully and I found it searching the Internet. (Or say that you can find it in a local shop - but not mention any specific shop's name.)

These are the rules set down by the owner of this site, Gypsy Nirvana.

Folks who can not abide by this simple rule are welcome to post their spam on other sites...but not here on ICMag.

Business owners and others wishing to promote their products here on ICMag are welcome to contact the webmaster, Skip, via PM here on the site for advertising information. We have many affordable options for people wanting to promote their cannabiz or products.

If you think I am joking please read this thread:
Not open for further replies.