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Fam95 day 61



that looks fantastic gmo ! great job

finished bg91 - all 3 females are keepers --- running them all again to see if I want to narrow it down

my first ever pollen chuck seem to be on track or success! My LD95 keeper was dusted up with some BG91 pollen and I've just managed to inspect a small sample as it's drying to find a couple mature seeds - hoping for a few more but I only dusted one branch...



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MOneYMiKe it's a nice mix. Def has some sour d characteristics. All 3 phenos did lose the rubber smell/taste that I was after, but they're all still loud in their own funky way.
Here's some that's been in the jar for 3 weeks.


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Awesome sucks about the sour leaving but that just showing the i95 dominance it’s most definitely in there the sour that is
u keep any for future ?


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MOneYMiKe I tried to take clones but failed miserably. I do have a fresh 11 pack of Fam95 that I'll dig through in a future grow. Right now I'm working through a pack of ITre95 to see what I can find.


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starting some of my sour garlic pack, looking 6/6 so far, 4 sprouted tails and are in cubes, the other two are still sunk and cracking but no tails yet

the pack is probably 2 years old and has only recently been refrigerated for a few months


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I ended up popping the second half of the pack, they all cracked but are really weak and struggling in the cubes only one has popped up and was really slow about it, but developed nice roots throughout the cube and has been transplanted into a cup, I ripped open all of the cubes one had dried out and the taproot broke off, a few just never grew anything past cracking, the rest that had a taproot starting to grow into the cube I re wet and am hoping they can pull through

another popped up, not giving up on the cubes yet

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