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Post low odor strains

Lord Doobie

Odor is a major reason for being busted. Please post low odor strains below and help your fellow grower.

Fruitbowl = very low odor
Haze Skunk = very low odor


Some tame smelling strains

Some tame smelling strains

Well, I'm not sure how you would distinguish very low odor from plain old low odor so I'll list some low odor strains I've grown:

Female Seeds Grapefruit - other than the occasional smell of grapefruit peels I didn't notice much odor from this one. I grew it in the bedroom closest of a small 1 bedroom apartment for two years with no odor control other than some air scents and air circulation. There was some slight skunk smell in the air for a few days during their flowering cycle that wasn't too bad. Once I had had three workmen in the kitchen and bathroom all day long and they didn't notice a thing concerning smells. I don't know if FS is still in business though.

Nebula has been pretty low odor for me and is more potent than Grapefruit, although in a different way.

I'm growing Kali Mist now and haven't noticed much odor. Now I'm using an ozone machine that I turn on 15 minutes/hr and a small carbon filter module from ARI that includes a built in fan so I'm covering the smell better now than in the early days. But even in the grow room the smell isn't too bad. Same for Dutch Dragon and DelaHaze which seem to have pretty tame smells.

Hope this helps.


hmm my northern lights stinks up the whole house if i let it def. not low odor to me, i guess if it a micro grow it might not smell much i dunno.
Carbon filters a must if your worried about smell

course maybe depends on which northern lights to there so many variations out there now days.
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Princess Diesel.

The one pheno I have doesn't really smell much. It also doesn't really smell like Cannabis flowering either. Very fruity and nice. _I_ definitely recognize it as cannabis flowering but it takes a second.

Dunno what the other pheno will be like for a few months.


Nirvana ICE was a very low odor strain. Some folks on this forum described it as smelling like carrots. Easy to grow and about a 8 out of 10 for potency.I would recommend it to anybody.


chronic and northernlights are about the lowest odour strains ive grown, but im sure theres plenty out there


depends on volume.

a11 and cinderella are very safe especially the a11

nebula required scrubber but it doesnt have the bitey rot/skunky smell like ss. just a low key funk if that makes any sense

the nl, I do atomics have been for a while. theres no way Id consider without neg pressure and scrubber


I think it really depends on how big a grow you're runnin'. Even C-99 can give off a purty strong odor if your runnin' 100 plants. That's what scrubbers are for though.


Lord Doobie said:
Odor is a major reason for being busted. Please post low odor strains below and help your fellow grower.

Fruitbowl = very low odor
Haze Skunk = very low odor

Improper odor control is actually the major reason you'll get busted, this can still happen with low odor. :)

But I know what you mean so don't take that personally.

Bubblegum, NL, c99 and chronic...really the more fruity is smells the less pungent it will be but regardless odor control is a must because ALL mj plants smell like...well...mj :)


The good pheno of nebula(the producer) is very low smell. It does have a smelly pheno but it sucks. Potofgold (goldenskush) had a good low odor pheno.