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Poll time! Check out my seeds - What should I do next?

What should I do next?

  • NL2 x ChemD

  • F13 X ChemD

  • Purps X ChemD

  • GF X ChemD

  • Hawiian Spice X SS

  • Haze X SS

  • SS x SS

  • Schnazz 3

  • Schnazz 4

  • Modern Mix

  • Bubba Kush x Blockhead

  • Mental Floss x Blockhead

  • Mental Floss

  • Mental Floss x SS

  • GF x BB

  • SLK x Jack

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Getting ready to start a new fall adventure. I've got an early favorite but would like to check in with you folks!

Seeds have been collected over a few years for sure, so I expect variable results.

Pick 2!



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A solid performing Kush variant, crossed with a heavy indica. That will do me. Big buds, fast. The perfect diary to watch.

F13 x Chem in 2nd, but I just chose one.


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Thanks for sharing your opinions folks!

I'm getting the itch so will probably pop open some Mental Floss shortly.

While these were recently acquired from a pretty good source ;) ; I know they have to be coming on 10 years old so am hoping for the best but as a backup can go with the MFxSS or MFxBH.

I've grown a ton of Chimera's stuff over the last 20 years but have not tried the Mental Floss yet, have heard it is similar to old school cotton candy which i do have lots of experience with so it should be interesting for sure!

I am going to start something else in a couple of weeks so will keep the poll up. F13 ChemD is my front runner right now. In regards to the Hazes, i have grown the incense haze x ss and really don't have the apatite for another 100 day flower cycle :ROFLMAO: . Next time i get brave will likely be with the Hawaiian.

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The mental floss is classic..
SLK x Jack just because there’s going to be epic diamonds in there. Third would be the NL x Chemdbx because everyone who grows it says it’s great