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Please PM me your personal experience with CHS Cannabis Hyperemesis Syndrome


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Dang Douglas... you are owning this thread... are you getting as much response as you thought you would regarding this newly talked about cannabis related issue?


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This thread is specifically to call for Private Messages, that's it. Of course I'm owning it, lol :)

Yes, a number of people have sent me their stories, I look forward to more as the year continues. As expected, azadirachtin products, unrefined neem oil and neem seed meal (in large volumes) are not products I'll be recommending for cannabis.

Bump! Thank You :)


I'm collecting personal reports on the subject. I would appreciate anyone responding to include (when at all possible):

  • Full details on how it affected you personally, as many episodes as you can remember
  • As much information as possible on the source of the cannabis used for each episode, and any treatments it received during the grow
  • Extraction information on the process and solvents used, for any extraction based episodes
  • Detailed information on whether the smoking gear used was brand-new or freshly cleaned
  • Details on any changes noticed in episodes, especially after multiple episodes spanning several years

Posts to this thread, other than helpful suggestions on details I should be collecting, will be ignored.

Your help is greatly appreciated. :tiphat:
I've been getting the episodes when trying any neem or azadirachtin products. I don't think my case would be considered cannabinoid hyperemesis, however I have vomited suddenly and rapidly after smoking two treated strains. What does seem to linger is chest, lower back, and neck pain. What I am guessing is my ascending colon is so inflammed that I can't lie down on it, and my stomach makes many different noises that come from all directions of my abdomen. Not so specific, I know, but a lot happens. All it takes is a pea sized chunk and I get the worse head and tooth pain (first symptoms of 4th dispensary strain). The following day after using flower I experience confusion, brain fog, and pretty severe depression. The first time (probably February) I went ice cold, panicked, and felt like my stomach was being filled with hot fluids--followed by bloating/stomach inflammation about as severe. I've smoked for about 7 years with a three year break in between. Something very distinct is that all of the sprays have an oriental "peanut" scent to them, and sometimes the scent alone is enough to make my stomach gargle.

I've tried five medical dispensary sources in Montana and have ended up with the same results. I've tried smoking with different methods, washing buds, leaving them under UV lights, all in an attempt to somehow deactivate the chemicals that make me sick. Ironically it only seems to be getting worse and I can't grow my own in this environment, so any tips on how I can somehow avoid these effects would be great so I'll stop drinking from 5 p.m. to post-midnight. Thanks for posting the initial thread from February; prompted me to make this account and hopefully find a solution.


I can't figure out how to PM right now, my B. Also, it's been over two days and the abdominal swelling hasn't reduced.


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You'll need 50 posts before you can private message.

Get an anti-histamine, like benadryl and start taking it. It will reduce your symptoms. Activated charcoal pills (start with one a day) helps to pull the azadirachtin from your system.

I haven't found a way to 'clean' aza contaminated cannabis. The only relief I've found is from using clean cannabis. Continued use of the contaminated cannabis causes me INTENSE pain through digestive gas formation. The chest, lower back and neck pain are from the increased muscle tension the azadirachtin causes.

Without access to clean cannabis, you'll have to quit using cannabis altogether. Remember to clean any contaminated resin from smoking devices before using clean cannabis in them. The resin holds the aza and continues to poison, even when you're smoking clean cannabis through it.

Best of luck!


Do you think loratidine (Claritin) would work or is it pretty specific with benadryl, and could I *outrun* the gas/inflammation that always seems to catch up? I know the one user, "thecleangame," was one of the first to propose the reason cannabis users were getting sick was through azadirachtin and also said benadryl would help--I just doubted it. However, even if I use benadryl you're saying it will still continue to get worse? I would only smoke once a day, and when I did it was just a bowl, say 0.3 grams at the most.

You know, what's bizarre is the way neem oil with azadirachtin affects bugs--the chemical's mechanism. I was a little out of it last night, but there are many more symptoms that seem to occur with prolonged use. Red patches on my hands and arms started to form, my eyesight was getting worse, my skin was extremely dry and thought my hair was falling out, joint pains or "stabs" around lymphatic system (node) areas, and I couldn't figure out what the fuck was going on. There's much more, I just can't seem to recall it. The doctors thought I was a hypochondriac, and I've seen three just this year because they brush it off as soon as you mention cannabis.

Yeah, I actually scraped my pipe to smoke the resin just because I couldn't smoke the flower (I tend to get desperate to smoke after two days or so). I got messed up. My eyes looked like I smoked K2 or something for days after.

So lets say I'm smoking 0.3 a night. Would you assume that taking antihistamines with charcoal would just continue to cause these effects? I know there's not a way to verify it, since tons of people (probably thousands) are smoking unflushed cannabis sprayed with neem/aza on a daily basis and are clearly fine because they don't complain on the internet like I do. I know it seems absurd to pop allergy meds and other stuff just to get stoned once a night, but marijuana was really my only coping mechanism; what got me through the day, y'know?


I'm actually paranoid that this stuff can enter the bloodstream through touch. I know the placebo effect is a strong one, but stuff seems to happen even after smelling a container of sprayed buds. I'm only 23 but after touching them my hands look like I'm older than Jesus--kind of hard to describe but they look dusty--just old as the hills man.


Confirming that Benadryl works but as soon as it wears off the symptoms come back. I keep hearing people say it's harmless and that there's no evidence but if you research it thoroughly it can cause seizures and seriously mess up your eyes with high doses. I'm not sure if you're still interested in this Douglas, but you should check out microwave extraction method for Azadirachtin. Essentially, what I did was ground up some aza-tainted buds, put them on a piece of paper, put the paper on a place, and microwaved on normal temp for 15 seconds in 5 second intervals. I took the product out of the microwave and set it down to work on some other stuff. 30 minutes later I'm high as shit and not a good high either. I felt like someone was trying to pull my eyeballs out with tweezers. Did not intentionally inhale or anything, so be careful if you decide to try it.


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Sounds like it's rougher on your than myself, I feel for you as it's not pleasant in any way whatsoever.
(Edit: Definitely keep cannabis out of the conversation with doctors. Tell them you think you're being poisoned by something and go over the symptoms with them (your new doctor that is). The majority of the american medical field are completely ignorant of cannabis, so their 'ideas' about it aren't going to be helpful.)

Yes, claritin or any other anti-histamine will work like benadryl. It's supposed to be harmless in low doses, I took it for about 2 weeks straight a while back. Yes, as soon as it wears off you're back in misery again, sucks badly. :(

Aza transfers through skin contact, I've actually had my symptoms skyrocket from cleaning a pipe with isopropyl. When it splashed on my hand, my stomach issues cranked up 3 notches within minutes. F'ing horrible.

I don't own a microwave, I'm willing to let that go as it sounds like it's just vaping aza into the air.

The aza takes days/weeks to leave your system. Continued use does a number on you through bio-accumulation and an anti-histamine and charcoal pill daily is not going to offset it. :( You seriously need to find some other remedy for your maladies, until you can find clean cannabis.

Look up "NGB Cab" and start micro-growing your own clean supply. As long as you don't smell, sell, tell anyone or live next to people who yell/drama a lot (cops being called get the address wrong quite often), no one will know you're growing.
NGB Cab on icmag
CFL/LED Micro Lights

Hope that helps... :tiphat:
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Well that's kind of interesting regarding the neem cake making people feel queasy. That's not uncommon. I applied three boxes (a lot) recently and got sick that evening. Interestingly, I was playing with ISO the same day and also felt it might've been related to or compounded the issue. After reading the previous posts I figured I should mention that combo again.

Also, regarding the peanut scent.. I've smelled something kind of similar in Grandevo. A Chromobacterium pesticide formulation. I don't mean to start any rumor about that specific product, just an observation since you're researching something new.

People who break up weed, roll it and lick the paper probably have a much different exposure to consider too.


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Having neem oil on the skin and touching iso will allow the oil to absorb into the skin immediately. Yes.

Please keep further responses to PM, thanks. I do appreciate the feedback. :)