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PLEASE HELP - Need more C99


New member
Looks like I am late to the game, but those C99 look like the best I have ever seen, I have been waiting many years for these and now they are gone!

What will it take to get a few packs of them back at the bay?




New member
Thanks Brother! But they simply are not in the same league as nuggetshiners. I have been growing C99 since they came out and I think nuggs are as good if not better than the originals. Sure hope he puts some more up!

Anyone have any grow reports or feedback on them?

Moe Funk

Brother Monk has c99 not sure if there are any up atm but he's got more so keep an eye out or just ask him. They are from original stock I believe, but I can't say to a certainty. I think he worked them a bit. Look real nice. I actually am looking for some legit Cindy myself. His were the best I saw at the time I was researching. I got moscas f1.and bx1 but I agree I think there have been enough mixed reviews to make me sit on them. Nuggetshiners look amazing I will be keeping an eye out.


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If your looking for the real deal Bros Grimm C99 f3's HighRise Seeds carries them as well and they are only $45 a pack! They can be found at a seed bank in Canada (which Im not sure would be breaking forum rules by posting which one, but if interested PM me)
HighRise has ALWAYS been legit imho.... Have grown a bunch of their GHAZE auto crosses which have all been very dank smoke! Sending a karma cloud your way that you get ahold of some of those c99's your wanting...


Active member
Yoda bro I miss home bro. Even If I wasn't vocal in chat or threads I was present for the most part. In the back ground learning, planing ect.. I have been lost bro. I miss the threads most importantly the family. 2014 can kiss my ass if this is what it has in store.

I hope home gets sorted soon. Missing home bro!!!


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???:off2: Back to the point!

Hey nuggetshiner, All joking aside, I could not be more impressed with your work, and look forward to trying the blazing Cindy someday, but please try and get me a few packs of those Cinderella 99s somehow,,,,,,,

:clock watch: