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Pine Tar Kush?


ICMag Donor
Your NOT alone...

I saw a post in the last couple days that somebody (Cannavior maybe) was going to be popping some PTK beans in the very near future..

Karmic Farmer

Well-known member
Verdant Green recently sent 28 packs into Chimeras Breeders Retail seedbank that sold out in a a couple of days. Verdant did just send in his last few packs in to Breeders Retail that haven't gone up for sale yet. I believe he sent some to the Bay too. I was lucky and was able to pick up two 15 packs at $50 a pack. Keep an eye out in Chimeras forum and good luck.:tiphat::tiphat:
Verdant Green did say he will be making some more in the future to send into Breeders Retail and the Bay and possibly the Boo but with different parental genes but no timetable.
Hope that helps a bit to everyone who missed them and good luck if you get the chance to buy more!


OG bub

ICMag Supporter
Hard for me to say when I will start on PTK honestly.. Ive got several other lines that are also on the agenda.
I can promise you I will get to them, and that I will start a thread when the project commences, but I just cant give you any dates yet.
thanks, Bub.

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