Pine Tar Gush F3

Gypsy Nirvana

Recalcitrant Reprobate -
Was a nice surprise yesterday - to come by a nice purple hued bud - that someone had gifted me to try - so long as I write about the high -
I saved it till the following morning - since I was stoned on some other cannabis the day before - and wanted a clear head to start with - so as to get an unadulterated effect from the Pine Tar Gush F2 sample - so it was to be a 'wake and bake' with this attractive little bud - that managed to make a good sized spliff - with the help of my fingers and a Bull Brand rolling paper -

- Sniffing the spliff before ignition has always been a way to savour the herbs bouquet - and this one smelled faintly of sticky pine cones - seemed to be dried well - but not too dry - well cured - since there was no chlorophilic taste at all - and was very smooth on the throat -

- The high is not overwhelming - to the extent that you cant do anything much - in fact I am managing to write this report stoned on the Pine Tar Gush F3 - and feeling nicely high/stoned at the same time - so it's one of the varieties that you can work on - and not just drift off into psychological oblivion - which is nice - you can be comfortably stoned on the Pine Tar Gush F3 - and still get things done -

That little bud of the Pine Tar Gush F3 lasted me all day yesterday - for I only took a few hits of the spliff every few hours - and I was busy - walking and exercising - then cooked a Thai Green Chicken Curry - and noticed that it tasted particularly delicious - probably due to the PTG F3 - enhancing the flavours - and then in the late afternoon - I was able to get to sleep and take an hour nap easily on this variety - then got up and walked a mile to a friends cook-out - ate well again - and returned home later that evening feeling fine - to take the last few hits on the PTG F3 - which led to a deep and easy sleep -

Nice bud - great taste - good high -


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Gypsy Nirvana

Recalcitrant Reprobate -
hey thanks for that Gypsy, glad you enjoyed it ! - i get quite a kick out of seeing your review and i'm sure @Tonygreen will too !

VG :tiphat:
Well thankyou VG! - was fun to do - fun to do high on the Pine Tar Gush F3 - that's for sure - and it's not often I do a review - what with my limited writing skills - and being a Recalcitrant Reprobate and all - lol

Gypsy Nirvana

Recalcitrant Reprobate -
Scratch and sniff - two birds - one bud - the thoughts do invade the cerebral cortex -

Hey - I could start pimping my suburban writing skills out for bud! - Ahh - too much paranoia - - but really - how much trouble could I get into - for being a cannabis bud critic? - the mind boggles -