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Thanks for the useful info Ras,very helpful! :tiphat: Mine smells metal/sharp maybe bit minty too.

Yeah the Michoacan cream has been under my radar!Any experience on bubba delight?


You are very welcome. Bubba Delight is Bubba Kush Katsu x Peyote Purple, so you can't go wrong with it. Expect more compact plants and harder flowers.



About 6 months curing



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I grew a “ purple peyote” cut in interior BC and it had huge buds bigger than your arms. Huge massive colas, very dense bud. Someone prone to rot but not terrible considering it’s size.


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Haii all,
Have you guys experienced this type of mutation from Peyote Purple?

P.S. After the first set of leaves, it barely grew upwards. There was a tiny ball on the top of the stem. After a week, the tiny ball looking thing grew up to that freaky looking leaves. I'm not sure if they will make side branches or if they will ever grow and can flower later on but let me hear your experiences.

Many thanks!


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In the middle of week 6 flowering, two Peyote Purple!

Have two phenos.
One that is really like a kush plant with huge fan leaves (#9), the other slightly thinner leaves with more stretchy when flowering (#8).

#9 started turning black from the tips of flowers and later tips of upper leaves started colouration as well. Also, metallic shampoo smell changes into a kush smell.
#8 slower in colouration and slower in forming buds. To describe it, it feels like while the other is already fattening up its calyx, this one is still forming the calyx. It has a shampoo/fruity type of smell but with out metallic smell.

I love the way their leaves curl tho.


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Close to the end of week 7 flowering.
Compact pheno is kushy smelly one that's showing more colouration. Also, fan leaves started turning black. This one mature faster!
Stretch pheno is fruity smelly one that's showing less colouration with a slight fox-tailing trait. This one has fatter bud!


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The news that Kaiki stopped breeding as a business sucks. I hope he transfers stock to Dubi so it's not lost. I just broke out some Peyote x Querkle for a project.

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