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Similar to the wattage clubs you all have seen, but this one is meant for those who use PC Cases as grow boxes. And for those who want to share the wealth of knowledge contained in Micro Grows.



after the second rebirth

I hope this turns into a supplement for the PC grow diaries, a place to lend your knowledge to single cause... :joint:
frickin sweet bro!!!

I'll be forwarding this thread to a buddy of mine who keeps talking about doing this....he'll shit!



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Awesome guys, I never could understand how its possible, I never believed it either, but now ya got me on th tip of my chair. To cool! Any flowering pics? With venting you have no light leaks? Doesn't it get waay to hot waay to fast? Any DIY explanation?
Awesome lookin guys!


my temp stays under 84. I have no light leaks. I use a tinfoil tape band light-trap for my edges where the side comes off, and the carbon over the fans and intake cut the light. Everything else is siliconed then mylared and then where needed, tinfoil tape added.
KernelPanic said:
ahoy!! awesome pc grows yall. i've got one to post as well.. can i post it here?? or new thread?

Ahoy fellow South African! Create a personal grow thread for yourself and post pics here too - join the team! :wave:

Y'all gonna shit yourselves when you see KernelPanic's awesome PC case. Or should I say dual PC case? :chin: :D


I thought about doing that too when i was coming up with my design..but figured i'd only do one for transport/stealth issues..but its something that if i'm ever limite don space again..i wont hesitate to do....cause it'd kick ass..


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heheh, thanks HOTC :wave: a lot of room for improvement though..

here are some pics..

Used two identical cases with handles..

Removing guts..

Reviting the cases together

Lined it oout with some plastic and then mylar.

I made some brackets for the light sockets

Fans and lights installed

Putting back all covers and panels:

Gonna use this one for mother plants only. Looks like real PC's except for the light traps at the back. MAde them with mylar :D NExt one will be 3 full towers for flowering.



looks damn good my man. Definatly some a+ workmanship. Definatly something i'll be copying in the future.
+rep for sure
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