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PA's New MMJ Law: One of the worst

Uchi Mata

It may be a first step, but it's an extremely poorly-planned law and one of the most restrictive in the country (and is a corporate giveaway).

-Extremely limited access to MMJ recommendations
-Approximately 2 years before patients can get recommendations and buy anything
-No home grow
-Smoking is still illegal
-Only 35 licensees in the state.
-Must have $2 million to apply for a cultivation license that costs $200,000

Are there really enough patients in the state to make that model workable? Sure, the law can be changed, but that's a good 4 years in the future at minimum.


Those numbers are in fact, wrong. As well as being way misinformed. As I can pretty much assure you of that fact, due to the fact that I have had breakfast a few times now with a Senator about the bloom, he in fact co wrote it. Along with two other House Reps, the numbers released from the media are inflated astronomically. Yes the two mil, has to be held in order to file for applications of cultivators, processor's and dispensary licensing. And no all three do not require the two mil. Only the cultivators licence, the first dispensary is going to be opened in Middletown. That said, it is set up for all western big money corps rolling in here to do what we ALL should have a choice in. And the doctors that wanna write the rec's can't charge more then the office visit for the rec's. Some professor from a university will be putting on the four hr rec, certs. but when this is actually gonna happen.....who knows. I do know, any background on the wrong side requires expungements on EVERY charge, and must hold a four yr degree in horticulture or botany. Mike Folmer isn't really happy with the amendments that didn't get through, but it is a foot in the door of an old creaky fuckin Commonwealth state. Our state shouldve, been the last being as our founding fathers (who were the top growers in the country at the time and wrote our Constitution on the very paper they were producing, HEMP paper! I say screw the whole state, and fuck them all. What was being brought to the table has gotten hacked into another pill company, and they can KMA.


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If they can simply distribute cards it looks to be one of the best east coast medical states


It sure as hell will be regardless of the fucking archaic laws. They can do what they want. Seems to me that if you're a card holder ans get popped with anything under six, wtf are they really gonna do, start the initial war on the bill? Fuck it, I don't have the time left on this earth to wait for the fucking law that says I can do it anyway....