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Original Afghani #1 REG Seedsman

In RSC Chitrali j have some mostly sativa foxitail but others looks like hashplants.

This one its like Sensi ? Mean smell skunky ?


See the world through a puff of smoke
Any red pistil pheno's to be found in Seedsman's Afghani no1 like the one from Mel Frank 1979


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I know this is an old post, about 3 years old. I too, bought the exact (packaging and all) same Seedsman's Afghani #1 for the wide leaf, squaty, Indica breed, yet what grew was the opposite. I planted 5, 4 sprouted- 3 female, 1 male. All are tall, skinny, with thin leaf like the images that "therevverend" posted. From what I know, this is not an Indica. Disappointing.


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Heres some Seedsman Afghani #1.
Had the room to pop a couple and got these two.

The 1st pic is of some side branches of Pheno 1 (still looking for other pics)
Earthy notes with something nasty at the end, gets a little og skunky after being jarred for a month or so.
2nd is Pheno 2.
This one really was fun to grow. It was super hungry and thirsty and had the best High. kinda high that hit you on the exhale. THE SMELL, just going to say… my gf was pretty pissed when she met this girl. I had to hang just a few side branches in house bc I ran out of room in my spot… I knew it was strong but it wasn’t until I brought it in the house that I realized it was unique af and gonna get me in trouble..

My chick comes out of the kitchen with her hand over her face saying WTF IS THAT SMELL!?! IT SMELLS LIKE A DOG THREW UP IN HERE!
She put her finger right on it, it smells like Dog Vomit… even the sour is there, it’s offensive and was hard to trim in that respect lol. But man it smokes nice!

I plan on keeping some just so I can crack the jar when she pisses me off lol.

Grown in organic soil.

Will try to locate some more pics, sorry those might have been 4 or 5 weeks or so. I can’t remember lol. But Working on being more organized.

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