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OGs1 x GSC Test Grow!

Pro Headies

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What do you think the benefits of using cork over perlite is? DNA genetics branching out into coco and soil is pretty cool.


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Hey Pro!,
Sorry guy, my notifications were shut off on all my threads. I guess the bag says they have cork forests in the UK I think it was. Not totally sure though. Yeah, didn't know bout the coco or the soil.


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What's up Bobbo! I love looking at the pics in this thread. I was seed shopping tonight and ran Across these. I remembered your thread so came back to have another look. Do you know which gsc cut was used in the cross? Anyway, I'm buying some based on your pics my man. You killed it:D


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amazing thread as always Bobbo4200

love your pics and details

let me know when your free to test again
i got plenty of new stains waiting for a greenthumb like yours



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Hey thanks guy!, I love hearing that! I do try my hardest!

Hmmm, I wish I had more room! I could maybs see what I could this summer if it was a 5 or 6 pack, could be feminized-or could be regular. Doesn't matter to me.

I have two UKhem seeds going in veg right now, both are looking to be female though! UKhem #1, and UKhem #2-can't wait for these knockouts!

I'm going through an issue with my hand for a little while longer, but once I'm healed-it's back on wit the pic's haha! I'm so happy I purchased from you years back!, I love repping your gear!

Thanks again!


Holy shit that was one frosty lady damn bro you killed it.
What’s a good cookie out there I lost the one Otis gave me
Damn bro for real �� u killed it

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