OG Raskal Gear SOLDOUT everywhere

mack 10

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I was recently ripped off by CANNA COLLECTIVE for 600$ for OG Raskal seeds. Fire Alien Strawberry and Fire Alien Romulan. Does anyone know how I can get these strains??? PLEASE I AM EXTREMELY BUMMED OUT

really? i know the owner, he is a cool dude.
what happened bud ,maybe i can help.
pm me if you dont want top post up.

got me a pack of ogr fire alien rom.


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Hi @panikz
I have to say it is really frustrating trying to browse the site and having to click into each listing and then again to check the drop-down before you can tell if a line is out of stock.

You guys have 6 OGRaskal listings and they are all sold out.
If you can't change the code to display the inventory status without having to click each item twice, at least do some house cleaning and remove all the sold out listings.

Trying to post this as constructive feedback, but shopping on your site always involves a LOT of wasted time.


Hey All,

I have been away from the forums/growing in general due to relocation/career but now have some time to get back in the swing of things.

i have some amazing genetics OG Raskal Genetics that have been sitting in the freezer since 2013.

Does anyone have any links to grow reports for the OGRaskal beans in the pic or the Gorilla Grape from Outlaw Genetics? From what I have read, Outlaw has discontinued producing seeds. Can anyone confirm this.

Thanks in advance !!

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Just got 5/7 germ rate on a pack of WiFi from the last release from CannaCollective.

Heard folks had bad germ rates from that seed release, which was his last(online) if I'm not mistaken... so I feel lucky.