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OG Raskal Gear SOLDOUT everywhere


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I'm doing a Peyote Purple from cannabiogen right now (3 weeks in veg already), if it's a female going to be real pleased. Supposed to be some sort of variation of Bubba Kush. Still got 4 beans I haven't popped yet.

PP is far from Bubba IME, bubba is strong, PP is for lightweight. Try to get OGR White Bubba, this one is a kill.


Hey Ganjaguerilla, yeah I heard of that peyote purple being a purple pheno bubba and being tasty. I wonder how it tastes like.. I hope it's a mrs. And not a mr.

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Can't stand it.

Tired of waiting for the drop.

Anyone have experience with these?

PP is far from Bubba IME, bubba is strong, PP is for lightweight. Try to get OGR White Bubba, this one is a kill.

Cannot find OGR White bubba anywhere. Fortunately there was a drop on CC of OGR Gear. I'm either going with fire alien master or fire alien strawberry *dunno which*. Can't wait to get some cash 4 these that's for certain. Been waiting for too long to snag a pack...
Should also mention I got 2 Gage Green grape stomper x OG in veg, and one I just threw into flower. Hopefully get a nice hearty female mother!!

Also Mr 23, I heard nothing but great things about the Peyote Purple. Sure I will find a keeper once I pop the other 4 seeds at a later date (if the one I have in veg isn't a keeper F already).

Pics will follow for yall :laughing:

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I had two different wifi alien plants (from seed) last year. One was definitely more kushy in smell and taste than the other even though they were in the same area and had the same food/soil/conditions.

Both were great plants and held up pretty well to mold and pests, but I preferred the one that was heavy on the kush side...that bud didn't last very long at all and I should have taken clones.

I got some seedlings going and had 100% germ. All of them popped within 12 hours of hitting the water.

Good luck with those babies, HYF!

What up HYF, the blue moon shine side of that cross is that blue dream? I've got ROG OG from a few years back that I still rock, and 2 different Wifi pheno's, on my second run with the Wifi, had a lil prob with first run of wifi, a few nut sacks, due to my own arrears. Rite on point this time. I would love to see some flowering pics of ur OGxBM!


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alot of seed vendors claim things like for instance that these seeds are sold for souvenirs etc. yet they assure freshness and give international shipping rates i would try breaking both rules and see if it works, you may be pleasantly surprised what takes place in practice.