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This was originally posted by Dowser on OG, I stumbled on it on my pc ,,,,,,,,,,

Dear Law Enforcement Official...

I wasn't going to say anything, but...

This is it! Enough! I'm tired. Tired of having to hide. Tired of having to
worry about you invading my private life and stealing all I own, and all my
family owns, in the name of your so called War On Drugs. It's time for this
damn foolishness to end. Right now...TODAY!!

Over thirty years of scientific study, and still no credible evidence that
cannabis is harmful. Oh, I know what your thinking..."But Sir, all of the
drug training films they showed us at the academy said pot was really bad
for America." Well, Kemosabe...you've been lied to. The lies have been told
so often, and by so many, most people blindly accept the government
propaganda as gospel.

Let me set you straight. I know the negative image of the average cannabis
user that the "media" puts out for Mr. and Mrs. Average American to swallow
as "The Truth", serves only to perpetuate the blind suppression of one of
the most incredible medicinal resources known to man...but I'll let you in
on a little secret...there is no real 'stereotype' you can affix to users of

I know it makes it easier to do your job thinking that we're all alike, but
it is now time for you to face the facts my misguided and underpaid friend.

My Grandpappy used to say that a mind is a lot like a parachute...neither
one works worth a damn unless they're open...so set aside your prejudice for
just a moment, and come with me...let's meet some of the people you may be
forced to arrest when you blindly follow orders that make no sense.

Say hello to my friend Jon R., officer. Jon is the father of two little
girls. Jon has a grow room in his basement. He grows a little cannabis
because his wife is dying of cancer, and it gives her an appetite after her
chemo sessions. He smokes a little now and then to relieve his severe
migraine headaches. Jon's never even had a parking ticket!! He's the vice
principal of a local high school, and is a part-time firefighter. He lives
in constant fear that someone will find out about his 'hobby'. As an
informed, intelligent, reasoning man, Jon doesn't understand why cannabis is
not yet legal for med users.

Over here is Steve W., officer...you know what's funny?? Steve doesn't smoke
cannabis at all! No...really!!!

Everything he grows is sold for the cost of materials and labor to a private
club that provides cannabis for people who are sick and in some cases,
dying. Why does he do it? He lost his wife two years ago to AIDs. She got a
transfusion that contained the virus when she was given blood after an auto
accident. Steve's wife used to get her medicinal cannabis from the
club...until the old grower that had been providing the majority of their
supply got arrested, lost his home, his cars, his money, and his freedom.
Steve stepped in after his wife died because he feels some sense of
compassion for people he'll never even meet. Boy if you guys bust him...he
sure has it coming!!

Say hi to Renee G. before she has to rush off to work. She has a really big
court case this morning, and she's running late. Well...there she goes!
You'd like Renee, officer. She thinks you guys have one of the hardest, most
thankless jobs out there. She thinks that if you spent as much time and
energy on solving murders and rapes as you do on the War On Drugs, her job
would be much easier. Oh, did I mention that Renee is a public defender? She
grows a little cannabis to ease the pain from severe Arthritis. At 34, her
hands look like they belong to her 79 yr. old grandmother.....the cannabis
makes it much more bearable on the days she can't even button her blouse.
The cannabis works far better than all of the 'legal' drugs her doctor kept
giving her.

I suppose I could introduce you to the rest of my good friends, but I know
you want to get to the local Dunkin' Donut before all the creme-filled
doughnuts are gone. I respect your busy schedule. I'll be brief...the rest
of the evil, lazy, shiftless stoners I know include: a dentist, one of your
fellow officers, (bet you know a couple too...) a nurse, a restaurant owner,
a rabbi, a soccer mom, a small business owner, a crane operator, a mailman,
(oops, I mean 'postal worker') and a graphic designer.

Well...there you have it my courageous crime-fighter...the whole mangy crew
of law breakers.

We've all had it with the War On Drugs. Millions of lives ruined...and for
what?? If you really want a war on drugs...why not start with the two drugs
that kill more Americans than all other drugs --- COMBINED!! Alcohol and
Tobacco. Look at the statistics...the numbers don't lie.

Hey, I know you have to earn a living too, but now you know the truth. The
next cannabis grower or user you arrest may be one of my friends...so try
and remember why you took that oath...think back...remember?? - To Protect
And Serve! Remember??!!

So ask yourselves...who are you protecting or serving by jailing someone who
has every moral, ethical, spiritual, and constitutional right to use an
herbal alternative provided by our Creator to holistically treat their
particular ailments?

If our lying politicians will not end this insanity, then maybe, just
maybe...if you stop arresting people for availing themselves of their real
and inalienable right to decide what they put into their bodies, or grow in
the privacy of their homes, you can follow the advice of my friend the
lawyer and concentrate on real criminals.

I know you guys like to drop in here occasionally and see what we're up to,
so feel free to print up a copy of this and give it to a friend. Break free
from your strings, my little puppet, and use your time on the force to make
a positive impact on our society by ignoring us cannabis growers and users.

Go arrest that meth dealer over at the junior high school...you'll feel
better about yourself. Shoot that rapist in the nuts...club that mugger,
drown some sick pedophile...hell, throw a murderer from the top of a really
tall building...then go home and smoke a big, fat joint...you'll sleep like
a baby. I promise.

Who am I?? Nobody special...a husband and father, a little league coach, a
deacon in my church, and someone who smokes a little pot to make life just a
little bit more bearable on the days my chronic pain makes me want to take
hostages...don't you remember me??? When you came to my door yesterday
taking donations for the P.A.L. charity dinner, I bought four tickets.




I remember that one PLAYn.
Havent seen ya in eons.
The first thing I thought of, when i saw your nick was "Aurora Indica"


Now thats a very powerfull message there. Too bad the cop would read it, crumple it and go bust a harmless pot smoker soon after because there so brainwashed to the point of no return.


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oh yeh the AB, i still have some of those seeds(quite a few accually LOL), may have to pop a few sometime soon an see if they are still good

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