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    Our video interview between Gypsy Nirvana and Soma is now available to watch in the podcast section. Click here to check it out.

Official Hill Temple Collective 2016 Edition:


We would like to thank our dedicated and loyal fan base for staying true. And we also look forward to making out new friends and believers as well. Oh im sure OG Bub will be along to touch base and we hope to see some new faces and old friends along the way......

Me and OG Bub are not only alive and well but thriving in 2016. We have been working behind the scenes towards a revitalization of HTC and plan on continuing to offer only the finest strains around....... we are currently working with strains old and new. Heres a few pics of some trials we are running......... and only more to come


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OG bub

ICMag Supporter
Game, my brother, thank you for your contributions over the many years we have known each other, well over a decade!
There is no one I could trust more than this man, and I'm looking foreward to seeing the outcome of his work for the community and HTC.


^^^ bump ^^^

here for the ride. wanting to see what's up in the future for me to grab


OG bub

ICMag Supporter
My great friend, and great contribution to the world, GAME, has left the earth..
I love you and miss you brother, hope I see you when I cross over��