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Oblivion and Daylight Express test grow


The "girls" got big. Here they are in their ten gallon pots last Wednesday.


They like spending their days outside a lot more than my arthritis likes hauling two ten gallon pots in and out of the house every day. Trying to do that with seven of them at the age of 56 would be just plain stupid, so why are my tomatoes so big? Oh yea, the lights and proposition 64 and stuff.

I think the problem was my timer. I had to get a new tent on very short notice and then my computer had problems so maybe I had them on 24/7 and didn't notice until the autos got too big? At any rate, it might be worth a try if you aren't me and you want giant autos. I hashed this out on private email with aridbud so this is going to be a very long grow journal with a lot of newbie mistakes, lol.

It's fun growing one of each side by side. It's not fun having to stress them out with emergency repotting, though, so please do as I say and not as I did: if you want giant autos, it might be worth a try to put them in 10 gallon pots right away and then keep the lights on 24/7 during their growth spurt but a five gallon SHOULD be sufficient.

These plants seem to be more sensitive to crazy personal tmi stuff than my photos, but I just don't have enough experience yet to do anything more than speculate, observe, and care for the babies I have instead of the babies I wanted them to be when I was pouring over the seed catalogues.

Autos only get one life. They're more like people than photos that way. She's big, she's clumsy, and I always have to change my pants after hefting her in and out, but here's my girl today:


Daylight Express is smaller than Oblivion, she wasn't as rootbound, and I had a ten gallon available so I only had to do it once. I was excited about Oblivion's genetics because they were probably too challenging for a newbie if she hadn't been an auto, but life is what happens to you while you're making other plans. My Oblivion is loving his/her life:


so even though I am still hoping that s/he will bloom where s/he was finally planted, s/he gets to live his/her one beautiful, amazing, imperfect life. Daylight Express can take care of me and she's familiar. My own mind isn't these days because of the pandemic and stuff so I need fresh leaves and roots too because there's a reason why my doctor evoked SB 420 and said he wanted me to grow as many babies as I need. He isn't going to let the Sherriff throw Stephanie and Sarah in the chipper, but maybe he's a doctor because he knows more about cannabis than I do, ya think?

I can always go to the dispensary and buy more product if I have to, but Mo only gets one life. I'll plant another Oblivion when s/he's done. It won't be Mo, but it will be itself.

So that's a downside of autos that is probably easier to deal with sooner rather than later. I'd love to see Sarah or Stephie outlive me, but they just plain aren't that good. The next best thing is....well, like I said, this grow journal could take a very long time since I'm only planting for myself and I've still got the rest of Oblivion, Daylight Express, all of the freebies that came with my freebies, and more bought and paid for medical strains on the way.

If I'm boring, please choose a different grow journal; no worries, it's not like I'm the only stoner in the world who likes to take pictures and talk about the ladies.


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With seasonal warm temps ahead, your grow techniques will improve each time! Keep at it for a bountiful harvest.
I've abused plants over the years and saw it's aftermath. Better to have afterthoughts....what could improve. You'll get there, Mary!! Goodness being sent your way. Thank you!

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