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I was talking to my gilrfriend about this 2 weeks ago , and sometimes sitting down having coffey and reading threads ... you realize that you have spent the last 20 min reading about some bs argue .... from people who just cant behave or be polite.

im 28 years old and have been growing for 10, and i wouldent question someone i think knows more on the subject. and i have learned everything i know about growing from the web and books. and so far i have only asked one question here and that was in the infirmary , and never got answered....

isent this supossed to be an gathered source of information for all of us alike ?

i always try to learn something new when im on ic ... and that has always been a goal for me , to become better at what im doing.


Not all people in their early 20's are like this, in fact some are awsome, but I too have noticed a real pattern in the last 5 years.

1)really bad attitude (they know it all & totally ungrateful)
2)no work ethic
3)don't keep their word, and have no shame about it

(again, this does not apply to everyone in their early 20's)

ie: should I really have to go to someone's house and wake them up just to get them to pull their own weight in a partnership? then they are mad at me? lol that didn't last long


aside from this, I saw this documentary on young males in china and how they are all 'only childs' and some were so spoiled it was frightening, they'd make Dr Phil pee his pants


Gypsy Nirvana said:
...and not as a vehicle to promote (or demote) your own ego's by constantly cyber-bashing other members who might voice a different point of view to your own........civily.......and sensibly......

Agreed.Too much of the one-upmanship thang going on.And not anywhere near enough respect for one another.That,and SELF respect seems the to be the one thing that this generation is lacking.I think the new attitude says that NO amount of respect will be given until it is earned.I was taught that you say ma'am and sir.If I screwed up and didn't,I would have been picking myself up from the floor.EVERYONE deserves a certain amount of respect,just because they're thinking,feeling human beings.

It hasn't been so long ago since there was a program in our school systems named Dare that had the police teaching my nieces that if they ever saw drugs in their home,or anywhere else,they should tell the authorities.We actually allowed them to teach our kids to disrespect family values in the name of THE LAW.I didn't jump up and scream in indignation,therefore I blame myself and all other pacifists that allowed that type of thing to continue.I made my bed,and am having to lay in it.:D
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I agree with you that shows like Weeds and even all the million dollar busts are bring a new variety of people into the forums. Some searching for millions, others want small grows, and then the guys in between.

Tell me if it makes sense to someone or maybe i'm just high. I compare icmag to gardening. I look at icmag as the soil/medium. the new members that come in are new unknown seed stock while older participating members are the established moms you want to work with (obviously you can't clone these guys, but work with me..). i think that icmag is one of the biggest forums around, attracting a variety of stock (users) and giving a better chance of finding keepers/moms (friends/info). Not every new seed is a good one, most you won't keep or bother with, but you'll have better luck with more selection.

Just like growing, it takes time to learn how to read and ignore the trolls, but its harder to do for some more than others. I've been on other forums (non-weed) and had my share of the bullshit. Its amazing how a few words on a screen can set off so many emotions in a person. I think trying to avoid trolls is almost impossible, it comes with the territory (internet).


I've noticed that the larger and more popular a site gets.....the more varied the membership becomes.

Humans are humans........with all of their different personalities, emotions, likes and dislikes, politics, education, religions, ethnicities, nationalities, levels of wealth (or poverty) and so on.

This site is very unique in that it functions as well as it does.....with such diversity.

The only common thread that ties everyone together is a desire to learn more about cannabis and how to have the best of it for oneself (and others).

The rules set up for this site......and the mods and admins.....are what allows a site this large and diverse to succeed.

Now and then, some members come here with "other than honorable" intent. They could be competitors or members of other forums attempting to discredit this site for their selfish gain......they could be groups or individuals that only want to cause trouble.

A community like this should know that these situations will sometimes be present and need to be addressed by mods and admin. Members aware of these issues should notify those in charge so that they can be addressed.

One of the most important things to that this is a darned good place to enjoy a common interest. Keeping emotions under control when responding to other member's posts is important and commands a lot of respect.

I think this site is sometimes too lax in addressing some of the irresponsible attacks on some members and could be improved. But that's just my opinion and I am very insignificant in the scheme of things.

Have a good day....
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isn't this what they used to say about the baby boomers.they are young dumb and full of they will come around.

Weedman Herb

School has started in some US states ... maybe things will chill out now that the Younger Crowd has better things to be doing than acting like dickheads at a weed site. There's too many adult assholes here for all that ... remember ... dickheads and assholes don't mix!

Weedman Herb

(cough asshole) (cough cough) Sorry ... went a bit hard on the deez ... where were we?
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Drip King
Clowntown is making valid observations.

Unfortunately, the "just show me " attitude is not limited to this site, or growing or anything else in particular.I have run across this OFTEN in my 41 years.Just like herb, people come in an endless array of phenotypes. It is more than likely a combo of youth and human mentally lazy phenotype.
Kinda like leaf deformations, sometimes it will grow out, sometimes not.

Fortunately, these types don't usually hang around long. :joint:
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