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Yes.....having been a member of many forums before I innitiated ICMAG.COM.....Many times have I experienced the impetuousness of what could just be construed as youth....Seems like many people want to learn to grow but are not prepared to at least do some reading/research on the subject....(plenty here)....and just innundate the membership with questions that could easily be answered if they would just take the time to study a little and read some threads on the site......

After all growing weed ain't exactly rocket science......and I have seen both young and old......super educated and under-educated people succeed to grow some wonderfull plants....

...Anyone that posts a valid, educating and informative thread on the subject is helping those that might require the information needed to grow......Its all here for those that can find the patience to just look for it and read it.....
clowntown, I find that attitude mainly in the college age crowd. The early 20 something. I see it in real life. Hell, I got 1 of those creatures living under my roof. A friend and I were talking about just the other night. We think it's a combo of the internet and TV. We also think Elvis, Janis and Jimmy are going to be going on tour soon, too, so take it with a grain of salt.
I keep telling my all knowing, my way or screw you attitude monster to think for themselves and to learn to read and think and to do for yourself. You know the response I got. My response to their response? Got her suitcase out of the attic and put it by the front door along with a bill for room and board. I sure taught her well, didn't I? I'll show her who's way is the way.


I agree that the college age crowd is probably the majority of these people but lets not blame this kids, young adults, or whatever. I say that we need to blame many of these kids parents, I believe its the older generations fault why the kids are so annoying and lazy. Example: how many times do you see a kid half your age driving a nicer car than you? or How many kids have you meet that didn't even have a job until they graduated college? I feel this is more common today, parents doing way too much for their kids, I understand you want to provide everything for them but certainly there has to be a limit. I feel that parents just give everything to their kids today and don't make them do anything for it, I mean hell i have friends whos parents still do their laundry for them, I think its pathetic. By parents handing their children everything they get use to people doing everything for them and learn no work ethic or values, hence it just carries over as they get older and older. So if we want less people like this flooding the internet then it needs to start with the parents.


It is Google and drive-thru driven. People are never taught to wait.
"My kid has ADD."
No, bitch you don't have what it takes to train the child to focus/wait.

On a larger scale, I believe that it is the RAMPANT consumerism that is penetrating EVERY aspect of day to day (I can only speak for American)life. As a salesman by trade, one of the strongest marketing mind-fuks there is is .. "YOU OWE IT TOO YOURSELF. YOU DESERVE IT.".. Tell people that enough times, and they loose value in ALL things, but especially the intangibles (search for knowledge, appreciation for other's work/help...THOUGHT...)

I had to stop drinking, and when I did, I realized that I had a "I fukkin earned it" attitude. Once I realized that I had it, it was easy to see it in other people.

Personal value of hard work...value of a dollar...value of knowledge...value of experience... These are the 'values' that hold a society together, not "because an old man w/ white beard in the sky says so..". Sadly, I have seen the steady erosion of these values over the last 15 yrs or so...

I am so old...er...wise...


it has nothing to do with the worship of money over the worship of humanity (regardless of form) <--- this is sarcasm in case you missed it

that is to say when I was a kid your integrity, the type of human being you were seemed more important than what you owned

when you dont temper capatilism with democracy you get what you see

but really who am i to chime in i new member although i been lurking sites since 99

PLUS im a avid zappa fan so I must be a creatin
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Gratephul4THC said:
I say that we need to blame many of these kids parents
A very interesting point. I don't blame it all on one group of parents though. Across all ages, it seems to me there's an unbelievable sense of entitlement as well as rage when they don't get what they "deserve."

Cali smoke

I'm not seeing this pattern, what I do see is an interest in MJ use/cultivation more now than ever before, times are a changing and people want to grow.

We should set a good example for new growers and not let elitist attitudes divide us or make us prejudiced against new members like myself, I didn't become interested in smoking weed again from watching Weeds, I wanted to smoke weed again after watching Friday and a Katt Williams comedy standup. Just searching and following Grow Diary's can yield a ton of information and it doesn't take much to direct someone sincerely too computer illiterate to find it. If they are trolls then members can spot them and they will be ignored, it's that simple.


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Do you feel this post applies to you? Do you feel guilty? Then why are you here posting and worrying about it? Did I say that every single new member is like this?


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clowntown said:
...are the extremely new members who will fight to the death and refuse to do their homework & research, and pretty much expect you to do everything short of coming over and growing for them
Do you feel that applies to you? If so, please be offended if you want. If not, ...


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It's the difference between members who are here to learn, share, and contribute and members that are here to take. I'd prefer if there were none of the latter, yet their numbers seem to be rising, and because of that, the number of the former, valuable type of member is going down because it's getting out of hand.

I'm in the same boat as you clown, when I first started becoming interested I saw OG, but had no idea how huge it was and what a resource it could've been had I known to utilize it. After a few months of on and off reading a page or two of stuff and then getting distracted I got serious, and I missed the OG train, it was gone for good when I decided I was going to grow. I was at UK42O for a while and realized I was looking for more, and I found IC. I've been here ever since. :wave:
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Both young (over 18) and old......80 ++ are welcome here.....so long as all realise that the site is here primarily as a resorce to learn how to grow well from those that are kind enough to post threads that we can all learn something from.....and ya'll use it for that purpose mainly..... and not as a vehicle to promote (or demote) your own ego's by constantly cyber-bashing other members who might voice a different point of view to your own........civily.......and sensibly......then of-course you are very welcome here......if not......then you are not.
clowntown said:
I'm not an "original IC member" that saw the influx of new members since the shutdown of OG; in fact, I'm one of the new members (although I wasn't on OG, timing was just a coincidence).

So apologies if I don't quite "belong" here but I'm feeling a bit swamped by the "new attitude" that I don't think I've seen all that much of, before. Maybe it's always been like this; or maybe it's because I'm noticing more of the same from spending more time on the forums.

What I mean by the "new attitude" are the extremely new members who will fight to the death and refuse to do their homework & research, and pretty much expect you to do everything short of coming over and growing for them. They refuse to search, they refuse to read, and only want direct answers to direct questions, or they get pissy as if something is owed to them.

Is it just me, or are any of you seeing this pattern as well?

I had a chance to talk to some folks at some shops and they're telling me that nowadays, more than ever before, there is a flood of "new breed" customers coming in... the types that they didn't see nearly as much of before. And we're both suspecting that this has quite a bit to do with the current foreclosure crisis in the USA combined with -- as much as some might hate to admit -- the HBO series "Weeds".

I think a living proof of this suspicion is this so-called Oaksterdam University. When I first heard about them about a year or so ago, I recall they were doing single, (relatively) small classrooms at either the OCBC or the coffee shop next to it, or something in some backroom somewhere (I forgot exactly). For those of you who have been to downtown Oakland recently, you'll notice that they have a pretty prominent location right on Broadway, with "Oaksterdam University" in big white letters with all sorts of pro-pot posters all over the windows. I peeked in to find LOTS of tables, chairs, drawing boards, and whatnot. Looks like a pretty successful operation so far. (For those of you unaware of what Oaksterdam University is... in a nutshell, it's a class that teaches complete noobs how to grow pot.)

Again... is it just me, or are any of you seeing this pattern as well?

CT...long time no talk....I think it just comes with the territory....anytime you have a bunch of teens, early 20's (like it or not our hobby is mostly followed by folks in that age group) you get that kind of thing.....I usually just bail on the thread if I sense it going that way...don't let em ruin your day bro


Oh boy

Oh boy

Hello Clowntown:

Yes, I see this attitude.

Yes, many others my age 40+ have noticed it too.

There was an entire piece on 60 minutes about the 20 something generation in the work place. Some of the things covered were what people are saying in this thread.

In the 60 minutes segment they showed classes being conducted at some rather large corporations for new to business 20 something folks that teaches things like

showing up for work on time

showing up for work on a regular basis

showing up even if its a nice day

your Boss may not reward you simply for 'trying"

you may not get raises if you dont do a good job

etc etc..

It seemed to have something to do with the their parents telling them that everything they did was great, that they deserve a great job, and lots and lots of money, and they deserve everything their heart could desire.

Which is not necessarily a bad thing.


But what seemed to be lacking in the parenting skills for the younger generation is that some of the ideas were not completely practical.

Without anyone coming out too harshly they were saying that it actually takes work and effort and skill to make alot of money and have lots of things[sometimes] and its not just automatically going to come to you.


If its being noticed enough that BIG BUSINESS has to have classes on basic work ethics, then you are probably right Clowntown.


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grew up in a shed with dirt floor and my brothers and sisters.Thats where we are headed back down that old dirt road.


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Then you let them carry on with their theories, whether they be right or wrong.

If their theory was wrong, you can have your little "ha ha, told you so" and they can learn from experience. Everyone wins.

If their theory was right; then you might want to be a little more open-minded about things and strive to learn more. So instead of thinking you know more, you should go out and learn more.


such good points from clowntown and southwind. although I am also an extremely new member I observe the same things as you all do and i find it quite pathetic. Instead of seeking out(researching) the answers they need, they demand that someone go out of their way just to help them. I feel it creates an unfair prejudice towards the new members that actually go out and research their problems. Because most people just look at how new a user is and if the majority of new users are complete tools..Then the Ones who arent will still be treated as such
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