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Ok, a stromboli is rolled up into a cylinder, a calzone is folded over like a pastry or hot pocket. I get it now. If I can make a good pizza dough, I’ll probably try making both later on.

I do like chorizo but ur right it’s pretty spicy, especially if there’s a lot of it.

I thought the cali burrito was traditionally steak as well but ur right Pops you can pretty much put any meat you want in there. Are veggie burritos popular in Socal? Are they made with actual tofu/meat substitute or just beans/rice?

The fires are coming from Ottawa so the eastern part of canada, near Montreal, so all the smoke is floating down the US east coast. NY area had some flights canceled and some MLB games canceled because of it. Hopefully it wont make it’s way west where we might catch some of it but we’ll see, I feel that winds generally flow from west to east in the US so any smoke should be blown out over the atlantic ocean eventually.

Deandre hopkins is visiting the Titans to see if they would like to sign him in free agency. Theyre not really considered a championship contender this year so not sure how interested he’d be in signing with them, but if the money is right maybe he’ll do it, they for sure are going to be better than AZ this season. They might even win the division depending on how the jaguars do, if trevor lawrence can take that next step towards superstardom.
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i think nuks will find a nice spot to land
it all depends on if hes after the $$$ or a ring
fwiw i think crashvill would be a nice place for him to land and he could bring extra spice to the offense
they have all kinds of burritos out here man and there are plenty of vegetarian options
one of the things i see some vegt heads do is order like a breakfast burrito, like potatoe,egg and cheese which is actually pretty grind any time of the day
they also have the ones with the grilled veggies in them or that other shit, but those are usually the fancier place


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ah,i just cant do eggs.im alergic and i dont like them.my mom gave my dog a deviled egg yesterday and hes been a pain in the ass,i guess he really liked it.fuker wont leave me alone.i love him though


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If Nuk wants 20+M/yr then the only playoff-probable teams that have cap space are the cowboys and jets. But teams can always modify contracts of other players to try to make more cap room, at the risk of hurting future cap space, but if youre a win-now team that’s what you do.

A breakfast burrito would be pretty awesome at any time of the day, like u said, but I’d have to fill mine with chorizo and eggs and potatoes. I figure there’s like fake meat and veggie patties like for burgers but that doesn’t seem popular with veggie mexican food, just load up on potatoes or beans and cheese and fajita vegetables etc and that’s ur veggie burrito. But even chipotle has sofritas, which looks like ground beef but it’s made from soy and spices, but maybe for most authentic mexican places they don’t have a true meat substitute option.

So you get hives and swelling when you eat eggs, Hawk? That sux, so you cant even eat most baked goods/pastries? Cake or cookies, etc?
Some people just don’t like the taste of eggs. Guy fieri, the food network host, doesn’t like eggs, whenever he’s trying a dish with an egg he’ll move it to the side. Maybe to them it tastes too ‘sulfurous’ to taste good.

Speaking of food here is andy reid describing the food at the white house which they visited this week as superbowl champions.

Apparently they had grilled ham and cheese sandwiches made with french toast, that sounds pretty fire, ive never thought to make it like that. And what exactly are ‘exotic’ chicken fingers anyway? Tenders made with tempura batter or something?
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we have our patron saint boys! andy reid is no stranger to food
i hear they have a full on kitchen staff at the white house that will make you just about anything you want
im sure they have meal plans and if you are serving a whole bunch of people, (or one andy reid) you probably just lay out this gourmet spread and let people go at it
ive never thought of french toast ham and cheese but that sounds like the ultimate breakfast sandwich
like apresidential mcgriddle of something, more like a high end breakfast monte cristo!
/damn you baba now i am going to have to make some sandwiches this weekend!
yeah that would suck to be allergic to eggs
like baba said, can you have food with eggs in it?
there are fancy places that have that textured soy stuff here but i dont really like them that much here is one that mrs and her friends go to,
i talk trash about this place in all kinds of ways! like why does everything have to be like fake meats?
arent vege heads about eating the plants, so why fake the funk?
dal would be an interesting landing spot for nuks but i havent heard of them expressing much interest in him so far
/but you can never rule out ol'jerrah, yeeeehhhaaaawww
so does anyone believe in curses? j.allen is supposed to be on the cover of the latest madden
i still think the bills are a playoff team, voodoo be damned!


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Oh yeah, I think the white house chef staff are the equal of any michelin star restaurant, and they have the best equipment and ingredients.

Like u said, diners around here would serve a monte cristo that’s a ham and cheese dipped in egg batter and fried that’s sort of like a french toast ham and cheese, I guess. When I was younger I would order it once in a while but havent had one in ages, maybe I should go to a diner and get one just for old time’s sake.

Presidential mcgriddle, that’s a good one Pops. But yeah, a mcgriddle is like a pancake breakfast sandwich so that makes sense.

Dang, $16 for a cali burrito (soy steak) and $10 for their version of an egg mcmuffin? Is everyone in california supposed to be rich or something?

I guess the fake meat is supposed to be for carnivores, people who are used to eating steak chicken pork want something that at least fakes the taste and mouth feel of real meat if youre forcing them to eat vegan/vegetarian (because of their partner or whatever).

The madden curse is sorta kinda real but I think at least one qb has won a championship while being on the cover so it’s not foolproof. But yeah, doesn’t seem like a good omen for the bills. Seems like more of the players are concerned about their game rating, like players will complain on social media that their speed or tackle breaking are too low.


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thats what it cost to eat out here now if you arent going to in n out
food is crazy expensive and everything is costing more and more
the funny thing, most of the people who go there are vegetarians and so they drag their poor friends out to a place like this, but its mostly veg heads
/ive never heard a normal person say, hey lets go to the veggie hut
when the mrs and her friends go i dont tag along and im not even hoping for them to bring me leftovers
man, i would love to go out to a good diner and get a monte cristo, but again, it would be like $16 (maybe it would come wiht fries!)
with tax and tip you are talking over $20; thats with no drink
i might have to throw down some sliced ham and cheese between some good bread and make some myself
i dont believe in curses but there is something to this madden cover hex
we will see if it takes hold of j.allen this season, but i still like the bills as a playoff team
they used to have this training camp feature in the game where you could build up a players stats over time but i can see how everyone wants to be the fastest in the game (highest catch rating, best tackle rating, etc)
exotic chicken fingers for all!


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Yeah Im thinking most burrito places around chicagoland are still $10 and under, not $15 yet. But those are the no frills real deal mexican joints. Are the taco trucks around you still reasonably priced?

Yeah, it wouldn’t be hard to make ur own french toast ham and cheese sandwich for like $2-3, not $15 and up. Also are you a big french fries person? I love me some fried potatoes (chips, fries etc) as a side to a sandwich/burger but lately ive been skipping them, theyre just empty calories after all.

Mahomes was the on Madden 20 cover and he won the superbowl over the niners that season (2019-20 season), although he did dislocate his knee during the regular season and missed a couple three games.

Dalvin cook, the Vikings RB, is going to be released this week, he’s being paid 12M/yr and wasn’t that great last year, even though he ran for 1000yds and 4+/carry his advanced metrics (rush yds over expected, success rate, etc) all ranked in the bottom half of RBs last season. 12M is too much for a player you could replace for like 2-3M.
Word is though that he might sign with the dolphins as a free agent, he’s from the miami area and the fins want to make a playoff run this year. But they already have myles gaskin, raheem mostert and jeff wilson jr at RB, maybe cook is clearly better than any of those guys but im not sure.


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i saw that about d.cook being released, like you said 12m is a lot to pay for an aging back
fwiw i like mosert a lot so i dont think the dolphins really need to reach unless they are looking for that power run back
i do like a good french fry but its getting harder to find them
chick fil et has the best fries in my opinion with canes a close second
of course mcdonalds fries are bomb when they are fresh and i have no problem frying up some taters myself from time to time
i might fry some stuff this weekend, my mom got these cans of crab meat at the asian store and they looked pretty good
i was thinking about making some crab cakes later today or maybe this weekend
other than that i would just make crab salad i guess
she buys too much stuff sometimes when she shops and im lucky to get the sprinkles from what she gets
you can still get decent mexican food for under $10 at a real mexican place but even those joints are getting more expensive
i think my favorite place has burritos for like 9-12$ depending on what you get, the mrs likes to get grilled fish with the ranchero sauce on it
/its actually pretty good
unless you find one of those construction site roach coaches the food trucks here are hella spendy!
yeah im going to pay $12 for a few lumpia serves in a paper basket that i get to eat on the side of the road
cali prices are stupid right now but i thats just how its going to be
/cant wait for the gas prices to jump this summer


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i love eggs!
the more deviled the better

a dog is your best friend!

lol thats gotta be spankey!im not sure but i dont even think they were the OG Our Gang and little rascals.tells you about the old people i hang out with to knat that trivia.i used to have eczema as i kid.i was allergic to dairy and eggs and would get a rash.i think it moved on to psiorises as i got older.ive still got psiorises but not that scaley eczema.its about impossible to avoid dairy and eggs in todays world.i say say fuckit and cook with eggs like batters and stuff.but i really dont like the tase of eggs by themselves.plus the stink.ive made gourmet food like andy reid is saying.dont know what the hell you could do to make it so much better.just make some fresh thick thick sliced sweet bread and cut it an inch thick and make it like you normally would with butter.exotic chicken fingers?dont know what that means either.if im at the whitehouse i want lobster,shrimp,ribeye i dont care what time it is.never did like breakfeast food.except bacon of coarse.my grandma used to get tennesee pride hot sausauge and id make bacon and put it on buttered toast.its a heart attack sandwich but it was good and didnt do it everyday.
as far as im concerned pops those fake meats probably arent better for you than the real thing.they put so much stuff in it to try to taste like the real thing its like who knows?i dont eat much fake stuff so i dont know.right now im paying cali prices for beer and food here.fucking 2 bucks for one decent apple at walwart.im sure your mexican food prices are better than mine cause you got more competition.havent ate in a couple days cause ive been sick.might make make pasta bolognese or chicken ceasar salad.normally id pan sear the chicken but the breasts are kinda big.probably bake it
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sorry to hear you havent been feeling well hawk
sometimes i think about getting those protein shakes or ensures, those meal replacement drinks for the days i dont eat right
so i made some crunchy tacos with turkey meat and its actually really good
not as salty as beef but with all the seasoning you put in the meat mix, plus the stuff you load your taco up with it tastes about the same plaus i can smash tons w/o feeling yuk
a chicken caesar salad sounds grinding!
yeah that fake vegetarian food isnt that good for you
i dont get it
i know people who eat right, like food from the earth and they dont eat that processed crap
i love breakfast foods!
bacon,eggs, biscuits and gravy! i could eat breakfast foods all day
you are right he wasnt one of the original our gang shorts and came on with the little rascals
ive seen them all and never get tired of the hijinx!


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My mom gets those instant breakfast packets in a box.its like insure.i actually like turkey meat and use it in my pasta dishes.actually bought ground turkey yesterday.got used to it cause my uncle doesn't eat beef and it is lighter.i just don't feel like eating even though I'm hungry.biscuits and gravey is awesome with some meat chunks and pepper.even a little hotsauce.too heavy of a meal to think about right now.getting plenty of calories from beer.almost out.got a peach or nectarine I might try to eat.i wonder how many people my age actually knew about our gang.not many I'm sure.i actually like the early 90s movie.i wanted one of those soap boxe cars or whatever they are called back then so bad.


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yeah man, unlock the power of fruit!
peaches are awesome! i wish i had some pears
had some watermellon earlier, great snack plus its full of water so im rehydrating at the same time
i might stick to this turkey thing, like you said its lighter to digest but still applicable like beef
yeah hawk, you have to put some pepper in the gravy! i make a mean gravy, smooth as a babys ass and twice as tasty!
i might look into an instant drink mix, the premade ones are kind of spendy, i dont even pay that much for booze!


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they got this watermelon water that ive had.pretty refreshing.pricey but what isnt these days?had some pears not to long ago.hadnt had a pear in probably 5 years before that.maybe share your gravy recipe.i get the jist of it but i hate measuring stuff.redeye gravy is grinding!my mom makes a good pork gravy recipe with coffee grounds i think.ive even seen people put coffee grounds on steak.might try it one day.and yeah those those slimfast and ensure drinks are expensive.i dont know know how much instant breakfast costs buts its probably cheaper.id even put extra protien powder in there if im getting a work out


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The funny thing is is that dalvin cook isnt even that old, he’s 27 and will turn 28 in Aug, before the season starts. Usually it wouldn’t be until they hit 30 that an RB was considered old, now it’s like 27. I think todd gurley was out of the league at 27, his last season being with the falcons in 2020 when he was 26 years old. But he had an arthritic knee from an acl tear in college.
Ur right, Mostert is one of the fastest backs in the league, his problem with the niners was staying healthy but last season splitting carries Jeff wilson jr (180 carries to 80) he was able to play 16 games. Theyre each getting paid about 3M this year with the Fins so if cook signs a reasonable deal (he’s getting 2M from the vikings regardless) maybe they can be a 3 headed monster at RB for like 10M/season.

I imagine cans of crab meat have to be pretty expensive now, like $10-12 for a 6oz can. The imitation crab meat is much cheaper, have you ever used that to make rangoons? Wont be as good of course but at least it was taste 'seafood-y' if not crabby.

I watched the Little rascals when I was a kid, is that the newer version of Our Gang? I don’t think I watched the movie from the 90s either. I wonder if they tried to do a remake of that now, what it would look like. Maybe a lot darker, less innocent. They'll be dodging online predators or dealing with racial issues. Buckwheat's gonna be like "why i gotta be called buckwheat? Isnt that just a darker form of wheat?"

So you still get some eczema from dairy/egg allergies, Hawk? Are you sure it’s from the food allergies and nothing else? Only reason im asking if that I think I might have some food allergies, im trying to pin it down, or it might be my hypochondria talking.

I agree with you Hawk, if im at the white house I want all the fancy expensive stuff. Chicken fingers and ham and cheese? I can get that anywhere, give me the king crab, 2lb lobster tails, dry aged prime steaks etc. Those are my tax dollars at work and I want my money’s worth.

Ya’ll make me want to buy some ground turkey, lol. Ive only bought it a couple times, last time I made the mistake of making turkey burgers and overcooking them, those were some pretty dry ass patties. But ur right Pops when cooked properly it’s hard to tell the difference from beef. And it’s a lot healthier, way less animal fat, white meat instead of red meat, etc.

Sounds like ya’ll are having some stomach/food issues, I thought ya’ll were cutting down on the drinking? But I guess ur off the alcohol pills, Hawk, and are you back to the bigger glasses, Pop? Well, 2 steps forward 1 step back, as they say. Keep at it boys, we’ll get to a better level of health eventually.
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one step forward and two step back sums it up
/ill get there one of these days
i like mosert for his play making abilities but hes not a between the tackles runner you want in short yardage
mia could be a dark horse team esp if tua can keep his wig on straight
they have a lot of weapons on offense and probably one of the better 2ndaries in the league with j.ram and the X man (xavian howard)
throw in some spice and you might be cooking
but i think it comes down to tua
our gang were the original shorts that introduced the cast of the rascals to the world
once they got popular they became the little rascals and brought in some new faces
a remake would be a joke and just show how pussy! kids are now
would darla be a social media influencer? and alfalfa a wannabee singing start
lets not forget the things they would build on their own, bubble wrap and safety helmets for all!
i dident aske her how much they cost but they looked pretty spendy
/yeah moms is ric$$
ive had the cwaaabbb, those red sticks they sell and use in cali rolls
its ok, like it tastes like ...crab or something from the sea
but its not like real crab
yeah man, turkey is lighter but brings the meats!
when you season it up its just as good as ground beef plus its easier to digest
i went down the turkey burger road a while back and came to the same conclusion as you, it gets DRY!
i ended up making like turkey loaf burgers mixing in some bread crumbs, spices and and egg like you would a meat loaf and them shaping it into patties
it was better but not like beef
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honestly i cant tell you baba without quiting drinking beer.dont think i got eczema anymore but ive got psiorisis.it flairs up sometimes and my skin gets dry.got creams for it but im too lazy to do it everyday.my brother has stomach problems and thinks hes allergic to citrus.never really heard of that before but its possible i guess.
ive seen the bigger cans of crab go for between 20 30 bucks.i dont like imitation crab unless its in a california roll.its made of pollock and other gross stuff.never had fresh pollock so cant say if its a tasty fish or not.might make some crab rangoon soon.tastes just as good or better than the restarant.gotta use peanut oil.
my mom puts ground turkey in her chili and tacos and its good.im gonna put it in my pasta today or tommorow.i dont like turkey burgers though.had a turkey burger my brother made.it was ok but i dont think he seasoned the meat.
i havent taken the pills cause ive been drinking.dont know if im gonna get more or take the pills.im already broke this month but i dont wanna go through withdrawel


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That’s the spirit, never give up, no matter how hopeless it looks. Hope and fear are 2 sides of the same coin.

With Tua and ramsey, miami could be a real player this season, along with the bills and jets, and even the patriots (where’s DB?!?) could be a thing if they get their offense back to at least league average. Maybe 3 wild card teams could come from the AFC east, whatchu think?

Yeah, Little rascals of modern times, they’d be dealing with social media, sexualization of children, gender identity, etc. And instead of going out and building go-carts and playing outside they’d be playing video games and on their phones and tablets.

U think it’s the beer causing ur psoriasis? Or alcohol in general?
Ive never heard of a citrus allergy either but I think I might be allergic to nightshades, it’s a family of plants that includes tomatoes, potatoes, peppers (bell and spicy). Im still trying to narrow it down. Getting old sucks, doesn’t it? Ur finding out all these things wrong with ur body that never really were a big issue when u were younger and ur immune system/body could bounce back faster. The increasing substance abuse doesn’t help either, I imagine.

Yeah, I think turkey meat in some sort of sauce like meat sauce or taco meat counteracts the dryness of it, that’s the way to go. Or a meatleaf like Pop did, mix in breadcrumbs and egg to lock moisture in.

Here’s the bread and pizza I made with some more dough I made over the weekend. It was alright, the bread was denser than I like, should have let it rise more, but it was like a nice crusty flatbread that Cosi uses for their sandwiches (Cosi is a somewhat upscale sandwich place that’s a franchise) or the table bread that Maggianos gives you (an upscale italian restaurant chain, they serve you crusty white bread and a sweeter brown bread with every meal). At least that’s what it reminded me of.
The pizza needed more cooking of the dough, i solved that my cooking it on the stovetop for a bit, but the pepperoni got a little too visibly charred, but they were still perfectly edible.
french bread.jpg
cast iron pizza.jpg
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