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Anybody eles notice alot of hollow stem traits with the phantom cookies?

We noticed that in our Phantom momma. It was giving us problems cloning her due to the hollow stems... Havent noticed it nearly as much as of lately though...


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Hi pnw so it may be a trait from the phantom mother? Found 2 male and 1 possible females with hollow stems out of a pack of 10 all grown in soil. I normaly find hollow stem plants yield more anyway. Il be taking cuts in a week today. How did you end up getting them to root?


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This is one of my Phenos, very cookie Dominant.



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@blazinpurps! Nice to see you here! Showcase all your stuff man, great work

@supafunk, my dude! Bless us all with all those beautiful PC shots. I was telling people about your cut. probably one of the best to date.


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It's not gonna be for a while honestly.
We have stuff in the works, but we got sideswiped by our partners and they ran off with most of our breeding stock. You guys in the Bay area may have heard about this.
P2P (Patient2Patient) decided to split ways and they STOLE all the males, pollen, clones, everything. We have built back up, but unfortunately some of our projects have been lost and will need to be re-created. So I guess this is where BXing, and F2ing and so on will come into play. Stick around, and check back, we aint done yet!

Oliver Pantsoff

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Damn, hate to hear P2P did that. They're such a cool group of guys....Im gonna go in there and say "Hey, Ken wants his shit back" lol jk...I wonder If there Kens OG Kush in clone form is even authentic...Hmmmm