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NEW REEFER STRAINS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


What's going on with the new strains REEF? Would love to see the updated love potion as well as the other treats you mentioned previously. Also can I get the low don on the Potent Purple, ie. feeding, growth, type of high.

grow on


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what the heck is going on around here anyways people???where did these old threads pop up with no new posters??


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There was a post there, it was deleted.

The user was being an assnipple so his posts were binned. Hopefully they banned the user too.
stuff is ontaway
gotta let the kids cry a little
time to dry those tears tho. things arent always over the rainbow eh.
cant believe that lotsa theser prolly over 25 or so.
work is work. this aint walmart ya spoilt fcks.
go ahead and soundoff.