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new cannabis scare C.R.A.P.P. LOL


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This is the kind of picture that with C.R.A.P.P distribute.


Skunk panic: The Myerson’s book Vs the need for child protection

Never let the facts get in the way of a good scare story.

". Skunk is GM cannabis. Evidence from the Forensic Science Service suggests that skunk cannabis (otherwise known as sinsemilla) is remarkably stronger than ever before."
rest of details of the article is below.


Teenager high on cannabis stabs girlfriend 32 times during bondage game after being wrongly told she had Aids
Last updated at 10:22 18 April 2008

Scientists warn of cannabis ‘timebomb’
"By the end of the decade one in four new cases of schizophrenia could be triggered by smoking cannabis, scientists say. "
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Hash Zeppelin

Ski Bum Rodeo Clown
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more Suferers
Prof.Gabriel G Nahas MD


Otto Moulton

Janet D. Lapey, M.D
Concerned Citizens For Drug Prevention,Inc.
Hanover, MA

Professor Robin Murray

Marijuana and Madness
Psychiatry and Neurobiology by Professor Robin Murray

even in the cartoon world of the Simpsons

“Someone think of the children! Oh god, why won’t someone think of the children?!?” – Maud Flanders, The Simpsons.


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who could forget the most famous and rich person with C.R.A.P.P
William Randolph Hearst


These organisations are used to spread the condition

International Organisation of Good Templars

Prohibition Party Founded 1869

Anti-Saloon League

Temperance Movement Groups and Leaders in the U.S.

Anti-pornography movement

which owned the patents on synthetic petrochemicals and industrial processes that promised billions of dollars in future profits from the sale of wood pulp paper, lead additives for gasoline, synthetic fibers and plastics, if hemp could be suppressed. At the time, du Pont family influence in both government and the private sector was unmatched, according to historians and journalists."


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another C.R.A.P.P Sufferer
Jack Thompson (attorney)
John Bruce "Jack" Thompson (born July 25, 1951) is an American activist and former attorney, based in Coral Gables, Florida. Thompson is known for his role as an anti-video-game activist, particularly against violence and/or sex in video games.[1][2][3]

After a foray into politics, Thompson concentrated his legal efforts against perceived obscenity, particularly in rap music and broadcasts by radio personality Howard Stern. More recently, he has focused on violence, particularly in the content of computer and video games and their alleged effects on children.[4] Thompson is a vocal advocate of banning stylized violence in video games, a role for which he became known in 1997 while representing the parents of the three students killed in the Heath High School shooting.


Jack Thompson Disbarred
By Mike Fahey, 10:20 AM on Thu Sep 25 2008,

"Jack Thompson Threatens Utah Legislature
John Funk posted on 27 May 2009 4:09 pm
Filed under: john funk, hb 353, jack thompson, legal system, legislation, utah
The ongoing adventures of ex-lawyer Jack Thompson and the government of Utah continue as Thompson threatens the entire state legislature with legal action over the anti-game bill's (timely) death."


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Richard Nixon
(June 17) Nixon declares war on drugs.

At a press conference Nixon names drug abuse as "public enemy number one in the United States." He announces the creation of the Special Action Office for Drug Abuse Prevention (SAODAP), to be headed by Dr. Jerome Jaffe, a leading methadone treatment specialist. During the Nixon era, for the only time in the history of the war on drugs, the majority of funding goes towards treatment, rather than law enforcement.


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"April 2, 2000
Why control freaks fear cannabis
By Joan Smith

During a live radio programme I took part in a couple of years ago, the panel was asked a question about drugs. I was sitting between a Labour MEP and a Tory frontbencher, both of whom said that discovering your child had smoked cannabis was every parent's worst nightmare. They even lowered their voices as they spoke, presumably to convey the gravity with which they approached the subject. I thought their reaction was preposterous and said so, pointing out that several parents of my acquaintance were grappling with a much more practical dilemma. Should they tell their teenage children about their own occasional indulgence in a joint?

During a live radio programme I took part in a couple of years ago, the panel was asked a question about drugs. I was sitting between a Labour MEP and a Tory frontbencher, both of whom said that discovering your child had smoked cannabis was every parent's worst nightmare. They even lowered their voices as they spoke, presumably to convey the gravity with which they approached the subject. I thought their reaction was preposterous and said so, pointing out that several parents of my acquaintance were grappling with a much more practical dilemma. Should they tell their teenage children about their own occasional indulgence in a joint?

The alternative was to hurry round the house spraying air freshener, while their kids hung out of the upstairs windows in a parallel effort at concealment. Shock, horror! Afterwards, when we were invited for drinks with the local dignitaries who had hosted the programme, one of them informed me that my opinions were considerably too advanced for Berkshire. I did not mention that I went to university a few miles up the road in Reading, where cannabis and amphetamines were freely available.

What this anecdote demonstrates is the existence of two camps, who have very little to say to each other when it comes to drugs. One consists of people who have never been offered an illegal substance, would not try it if they were, and associate the words with opium dens, sinister drug barons and hopeless addiction - a picture that owes a lot to Thomas De Quincey"
rest of article in the link below


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more C.R.A.P.P

"Charles Keating Anti-pornography crusader
Keating was a champion swimmer for the University of Cincinnati in the 1940s. From the late 1950s through the 1970s, he was a noted anti-pornography crusader, founding decency organizations and serving as a dissenting member on the President's Commission on Obscenity and Pornography."
"In the 1980s, Keating ran American Continental Corporation and the Lincoln Savings and Loan Association, and took advantage of loosened restrictions on banking investments. His enterprises began to suffer financial problems and were investigated by federal regulators. His association with, and financial contributions to, five U.S. senators to argue for preferential treatment from the regulators led to them being dubbed the Keating Five. When Lincoln failed in 1989, it cost the federal government over $3 billion and about 23,000 customers were left with worthless bonds. In the early 1990s, Keating was convicted in both federal and state courts of many counts of fraud, racketeering, and conspiracy. He served four and a half years in prison before those convictions were overturned in 1996. In 1999, he pleaded guilty to a more limited set of wire fraud and bankruptcy fraud counts, and was sentenced to the time he had already served."

Perversion For Profit, A 1965 Anti-Porn Propaganda Film

Charles H. Keating Jr.


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Joel Mitchell
A Thesis
Presented to
The Faculty of Humboldt State University
In Partial Fulfillment
of the Requirement for the Degree
Master of Arts
in Sociology

Symbolic crusade: status politics and the American temperance movement
By Joseph R. Gusfield
Edition: 2
Published by University of Illinois Press, 1986
ISBN 0252013123, 9780252013126
226 pages


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A whole lot more of them on the web site below.
lot like at are a lot of people with C.R.A.P.P IN Australia

another victim of C.R.A.P.P (former tennis player)
Margaret Court


This time a professor with C.R.A.P.P
Professor C. Heather Ashton, DM, FRCP

Mary Brett (Eurad)

http://www.trushare.com/High Time/Brett.htm
http://www.eurad.net/pdf/Cannabis combined document new.pdf

Dr Ivan Van Damme MD (Belgium), Member International Task Force on Strategic Drug Policy

they use the usual tatics to spread fear and disinformation.

more info spread by people with C.R.A.P.P
Marijuana: Health Hazards


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more C.R.A.P.P this time a lawyer
Chairman of DARE Board Louis "Skip" Miller


lots of people with C.R.A.P.P in the link below too many to list.

the link below list when Dare has spread to

DAMMAD founder, Steven Steiner

"Mission Statement
dammad will pay citizens a cash reward for any tip that leads to the arrest and successful conviction of a drug dealer.
dammad Will assist law enforcement with by providing them with tips about drug activity given through the organization. Tips are accepted at every level of drug activity - from information about a drug kingpin to the street corner dealer. From drug production facilities to drug shipments.
dammad Will give Citizens a way to give tips to law enforcement while remaining anonymous and safe.
dammad Will become a strong front in the war against illegal drug activity.
dammad Will partner with other anti-drug organizations throughout the USA in the fight against the illegal drug trade.

dammad Will work nationwide to promote drug free schools.



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another classic case
Hamid Ghodse

Hamid Ghodse

Born in 1938. National of the Islamic Republic of Iran. Professor of Psychiatry and of International Drug Policy, University of London (since 1987). Director, International Centre for Drug Policy, St. George's University of London (since 2003); Medical Director, National Clinical Excellence Awards (2006); President, European Collaborating Centres for Addiction Studies (since 1992); member of the Executive Committee of the Federation of Clinical Professors, United Kingdom (since 1994); member of the Scientific Committee on Tobacco and Health, United Kingdom (since 2000); Director of the Board of International Affairs and Member of the Council, Royal College of Psychiatrists (since 2000); Non-Executive Director, National Clinical Assessment Authority of England and subsequently patients safety agency (since 2001); Chairman, Higher Degrees in Psychiatry, University of London (since 2003); member of the Medical Studies Committee, University of London (since 2003).

Recipient of the following degrees: Doctor of Medicine (M.D.), Islamic Republic of Iran (1965); Diploma Psychological Medicine (D.P.M.), United Kingdom (1974); Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.), University of London (1976); and Doctor of Science (D.Sc.), University of London (2002). Fellow of the Royal College of Psychiatrists (F.R.C.Psych.), United Kingdom (1985); Fellow of the Royal College of Physicians (F.R.C.P.), London (1992); Fellow of the Royal College of Physicians of Edinburgh (F.R.C.P.E.), Edinburgh (1997); Fellow of the Faculty of Public Health Medicine (F.F.P.H.), United Kingdom (1997). Member of the WHO Expert Advisory Panel on Alcohol and Drug Dependence (since 1979); Adviser, Joint Formulary Committee, British National Formulary (since 1984); Honorary Consultant Psychiatrist, St. George's and Springfield University Hospitals, London (since 1978); Honorary Consultant Public Health, Wandsworth Primary Care Trust (since 1997); Director, Regional Drug Dependence Treatment Training and Research Unit, London (1987-1993); Director of the Education and Training Unit and of the Research, Evaluation and Monitoring Unit and Chairman of the Department of Addictive Behaviour and Psychological Medicine, St. George's Hospital Medical School, University of London, and Joint Faculty of Health Sciences, Kingston University (1987-2003). Consultant Psychiatrist, St. Thomas's Teaching Hospital and Medical School, London (1978-1987); member, rapporteur, chairman and convener of various WHO and European Community expert committees, review groups and other working groups on drug and alcohol dependence; M. S. McLeod Visiting Professor, Southern Australia (1990); Honorary Professor, Peking University (since 1997). Visiting Professor, Keele University, United Kingdom (since 2002). Author or editor of over 300 scientific books and papers on drug-related issues and addictions, including the following books: The Misuse of Psychotropic Drugs, London (1981); Psychoactive Drugs and Health Problems, Helsinki (1987); Psychoactive Drugs: Improving Prescribing Practices, Geneva (1988); Substance Abuse and Dependence, Guildford (1990); Drug Misuse and Dependence: the British and Dutch Response, Lancashire, United Kingdom (1990); Misuse of Drugs (3rd ed.), London (1997); Drugs and Addictive Behaviour: a Guide to Treatment (3rd ed.), Cambridge (2002); Young People and Substance Misuse, London (2004); Addiction at Workplace, Aldershot (2005). Editor-in-Chief, International Psychiatry (since 2002); Editor, Substance Misuse Bulletin; member of the Editorial Board, International Journal of Social Psychiatry. Convener of WHO expert groups on medical education (1986), pharmacy education (1987), nurse education (1989) and rational prescribing of psychoactive drugs. Member of the British Medical Association (since 1995); member of the Executive Board, Medical Council on Alcoholism (since 1997); Honorary Secretary/Chairman, Association of Professors of Psychiatry of the British Isles (since 1991); Chairman, Association of European Professors of Psychiatry; Director, National Programme on Substance Abuse Deaths (since 1997); member of the International Association of Epidemiology (since 1998); member of the Institute for Learning and Training in Higher Education (since 2001).

Member of the International Narcotics Control Board (since 1992). Member of the Standing Committee on Estimates (1992). President of the Board (1993, 1994, 1997, 1998, 2000, 2001, 2004, 2005 and 2008).

INCB Membership all with C.R.A.P.P
INCB consists of 13 members who are elected by the Economic and Social Council and who serve in their personal capacity, not as government representatives. Three members with medical, pharmacological or pharmaceutical experience are elected from a list of persons nominated by the World Health Organization (WHO) and 10 members are elected from a list of persons nominated by Governments.

an of course UN backed organisations are use to spread the sickness
The International Narcotics Control Board (INCB)


In addition to the reasons explained below I think this girl was dropped on her head as a small child, god bless her severely damaged brain...ancient china/japan culture would vomit over her ignorance, tells you how privy she is to the natural world stupid bitch, thats one of the most beautiful and revered trees globally and a favorite for millennia. Shes a prime example of the ultra conservative anglo/westerner underbelly responsible for most global conflict, the ugly side that eastern nations mock us for.
”Grainne kenny attacks Public house for have Trees that look like cannabis. EURAD (Europe Against Drugs) president Grainne Kenny has launched an outrageous attack on a pub in Limerick, which she has accused of trying to attract customers by planting trees outside which she feels are imitation cannabis trees. "Why do the guards, the chamber of commerce and civil society tolerate this. These trees should be removed. They are giving out a very dangerous message to children", she said. Ms Kenny made her comments to an anti-drugs seminar in the city and displayed leaves she had broken off the trees. But the owner of the bar, Will Rooney denied any wrongdoing. "They may look like something else, but they are called Japanese Maple. We wanted something to replace palm trees that were stolen, and this is what we got", said Mr Rooney. "I noticed one was a bit bare, maybe she'll replace it for us", he added. “ http://www.drugs-forum.com/forum/showthread.php?t=72587

The plant she was looking at that day was artificial japanese maple
typical case indeed, lack of self realization and denial of personal responsibility...sad I bet all of these people were raised by extremely controlling and psychologically abusive parenting styles, completely devoid of logic or reason- asserting baseless but absolute authority without regard to right or wrong, their only intention remaining "in control" thereby feeling more secure. Controlling others to alleviate their own insecurities...what a surprise

its crap no doubt about it, good diagnosis.


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another related condition is

Carbon-Dioxide Related Acquired Paranoia by Proxy

Again it centres on the idea that what other people are doing must be stoppd even when on threat to anyone are anything.