Neighbor using Direct Energy Weapons on me, Need help..

Rico Swazi

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Jeez, this was the wrong forum and I should of written that differently but its not a troll job, and Im sane beleive it or not, the ppl doing this arent thats for fuck sure. this article is pretty much exactly what they are doing

Pleased to hear that , feeling better? I hope so. Surely during your long time membership you have seen members post a crazy/ vague desperate plea for help , not answer any replies for days, then pop back up when they are called out. Not saying you specifically but 65 trips around the sun has made me a cynical old fart and if it quacks like a duck... time to check the britches. (Old man joke)

You linked a 2016 FCC complaint by some dude in Portland.
Nothing more than a rant expressing your experience as factual and true.
I have something better

link and excerpt below is from a 28 yr old book. A physics teacher wrote it which should help you place your fears in proper context.
Hopefully then form theories with science as the foundation.

No attempt has been made to incorporate the latest and most accurate
experimental data, as these are under continual revision. Rather,
the material presented here is designed to enable you to place theo-
ries and results in the proper context. Extensive notes and refer-
ences are provided for those who’d care to go into any topic in
greater depth

I read the actual book in college ('98) ,
...postulating the theory Y2K and 'BUG' would usher in a 1984 style dystopian totalitarian world government using those very means.

You had me at millimeter waves but we can laugh about it now eh, Flyin?

Sky Wakaman

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I have a neighbor that moved a few months ago but they've been sneaking into my yard and hiding Direct Energy Devices to beam on me, weather its a microwave, laser, ultra sonic waves Im not sure, I just know they can direct it to any part of my body, they've made my feet swollen huge and toes red and burned, they put it on my heart and make my pulse go way up, some of my blood pressure readings were upto 180/140 with pulse of like 140 and this is resting. and I dont have high blood prressure normally. I need to find a way to find these devices I know there in my yard being remotely controlled by them and they can see me with this device, maybe its millimeter wave, Ive been reading alot but cant narrow it down, I know it can travel through tinfoil and I cant find a way to sheild myself from the beam. All the info I find about direct energy devices are for military and dont know how someone could get something like this. I know this might be a little vague but I really need ideas and help with this.
they are hurting me and my children what am i supposed to do

Sky Wakaman

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in the old days if u wore rubber footwear doing laundry u never got shocked so im thinking thick rubber material or for the jolts i get and lazer stings electric currents cant pass through rubber etc as it is energy also i play targeted individual frequency scatter on utube on loop because it only goes for half hour and it block s the frequencies that gives me nausia confusion vertigo miagraines and muscles spasms....


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I would have HUGE ringing in my ears, sometimes almost would make me think that i was going to hit the floor, it was so strong. Nobody else could hear the high pitch. Plugging my ears would not help, at all. Finally, we figured out it was the train. Perhaps not the singing of the tracks from vibration, but possibly the communications or even wildlife whistles.

I remember taking a kitty to the vet, he was WAY upset, finally started foaming at the mouth. We remembered that we had a game whistle on the pickup, stopped, removed the whistle, and all was far better. So, when there's shit happening that makes you think something is wrong...don't just toss it off. Keep working to figure it out. Going to a good physician could help, but there are other 'things' causing bad reactions out there.