Need a grow manager for a 30 light perpetual spot, NorCal

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i would give my left eye to be able to have that job. i am american and i currently live in europe but i swear i would be on the next flight if i could get a legal job working in the cannabis industry. dude i would do that job for 35K , just to able to get into the legal scene.


Sure is a lot of keyboard armchair experts on here. Lazyman was offering a real job with a real wage. He has it going on, Reality/Real.

"yeah man.... I could grow triple, that in 4hrs a week man..." "people have no clue if I had a grow...." LOL


Overkill is under-rated.
No not valid anymore, I had a guy and fired him. Happier doing it myself really. Thanks to all who posted and messaged me.
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