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N e p a l Smoke Tour : Titoon in the land of hashish


Travelling Cannagrapher Penguin !
Hello Ic fellows !
If you like hash, than you w
ill probably enjoy this thread. Even if you don't, i hope i can make you change your point of view on hash :)

As some of you must know, i've emigrated for a few months to nepal. I arrived 10 days ago, and had some time to start to get familiar with hash buying and hunting... I already smoked around 30g, which is not bad, but i bet it should quicky increase when i'll find the best quality^^

KTM is a really nice city, and nepalese people are very friendly and can be trusted, as far as i ve seen... I'll go straight to the Hash point, and will have time to talk about the rest later.

So let's start with some picts some of you are familiar with, posted in the Imported hash thread.

After 45 minutes

1st Hash Scored, HASH1

13g of good "pollen", for 40 euros (4000NRs) -> 300Nrs/g
supposed to be 20g... a free sample of herb, and black hash. herb was not good, some mixed weird stuff.

1st lesson learnt : always bring a scale.

This "pollen" or dry sieve as we are used to call it, is low/middle quality, dry, but the smoke is quite strong, almost psychedelic. it is smooth to smoke, not harsh. Taste is somewhat like a morrocon "pollen" very earthy, dusty.

2nd Hash scored, HASH2

42g of second grade hash, had to say no to 2 lower qualities before getting that. 80Euros - 8000Nrs - 200Nrs/g

second lesson learn : the more you buy, the cheapest it gets :)

This hash is more a stoner in the head, but still has some sativa base in it. It is very good for stomach pain relieve. It taste very black, like the middle quality charras you can find in amsterdam (still sell there for 10 to 12e/g).
Well i found better so this piece of hash is getting turn into oil as i write...

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3rd scored : HASH3

28g: middle to good quality black hashfor 40E, 4000 NRs, 142NRs/g

This hash is bubbling better than the HASH2, same dealer also. Can't believe he sell me 42g one day, going 45minutes away to get the best quality, and next day he has a better one ^^lol ^^

3rd lesson learnt : if your dealer know you have a scale, then don't bring it ! (it was supposed to be 20g^^)

The smoke of this one is better, very nice uplifting high, while having a little body stone. it has a more euphoric up than the HASH2, which is why i found it a lot better for daytime smoke. taste is very similar also, like black charras : earthy, peppery, spicy (but not overwhelming).

Still i'm not really satisfied, i'm a heavy smoker of the best stuff to be found, and this does not fit my everyday smoke, but i like it.
It is probably closed to the best black hash i can find in ktm, and maybe in nepal. i have to keep in mind that this is charras, so hand rubbed hash, and it can get as beautifull as some hand pressed dry sieve ! so hunting still on :)

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mosca negra

Fine report Titoon! Love the Nepalese Hash---any Temple Balls in sight? Keep those pics coming...



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Hey Mosca, thanks !!!

About those temple balls, i think it is just a generic name for some nice black hash turned into the shape of balls. In nepal, it seems you have either black hash = charras, or dry sieve = pollen, and marijuana.
Maybe somebody knows about it here on IC ? it could be made by monks of course, that s why the name... but i haven t heard about that, and whenever you can get something hyped, the dealers will. and they seems not to.
I will ask around, def i totally forget about that ! thanks for reminding me, and sorry i can t really answer that yet !

Ok so my next step was to make some oil, because that 42g of hashish i don t know what to do with that, it is a nice smoke, but nothing special, and i need special :)
This morning, i went for a alcool hunting, since it seems very hard to find some in ktm. also i was ready to find some butane, as suggested by a friend, and confirmed to work by some Ic'ers (thanks to them)

i must say i'm glad, i found 1L for 1500 NRs(well expensive but not much more than where i usually by it at my place), and also a very good deal of some soft nepalese pollen...

Oil first :

the material : 7g of HASH1 pollen left, plus 39g of HASH2, plus around 2g of HASH3.

First Step : put the hash in small pieces

Second Step : dissolve in alcool

Third step : notice it doesnt dissolve. oooops.. have it through a blender, and put back in alcool.

Fourth : wait a little that particles goes down, Remove alcool, to be kept in a bottle, for one additional filtering.



Oil has just been made, picts soon...

4th scored : HASH4

middle quality (you can see it is contaminated by the picts) pollen, but a lot better and fresh. It has an intense up high, with no body stone it seems. just smoked a few pipes so still have to dig into that. it gets dark when pressed, but you can t make some black hash with it, too bad.

It seems that dry sieve is pretty new in nepal, so the technique is not very well known by locals, who tend to make accurate quality. I guess i ll do it myself if i don t find the one :) and even if ^^

I hope you enjoy the show, and please feel free to post any question, any comments, so i ll have more friends to talk about weed lol ^^i miss them here in KTM :)



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Nice reviews bro :) keep em comin! I hope you find the bomb blackies soon!
Or else you might wanna get a good weedconnect and some bubblebags or sieves up in those hills n start makin your own :D


Damn titoon seems like your in for a few months of black hash heaven.

Nice little elufant


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Woow Titoon!!

i envy you so much right now bro, drooling thinking on to be there on Nepal, what a wonderfull country!

k+ , thanks for sharing this, i keep here enjoying it.

Best vibes


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Niiiiice ! looks like you're having a great time, enjoy !

About those temple balls, i think it is just a generic name for some nice black hash turned into the shape of balls.

Actually genuine Temple Ball is indeed a specific kind of hash. ball shape doesn't make temple ball.
To make temple ball first is the normal hand rubbing, then the charas is let to cure for some time. Aftr some time, the charas pieces are crumbled into small pieces which are let to "sweat" in the sun for a few hours max, then are pounded and finally hand pressed into a ball shape.

Irie !



Excellent report with fantastic images. You are so lucky to land a gig in such a interesting and beautiful place. Don't be afraid to post a few images of local culture and the mountains if you can.

Be safe and stay well . . .


Travelling Cannagrapher Penguin !
PSSSSTTTTT... don't tell mrhaze :)

unreal :jump::jump: NEPALESE XXX :jump::jump:, guess which one !

i' m just joking for mr haze of course ! :laughing:

Had some around 30 minutes ago, it is going up and up... that's why unreal :) gotta go for a dinner, i deserve that after an happy cannabis day... and my stomach, the reason why i didn t went to the mountains today, is way better with enough thc around !! more efficient than any medicine to relieve stomach cramps...

:wave: soon for more picts...


Hi titoon

What amazing pictures you're sharing here, many thanks !! Really beautiful trip, enjoy it and have a good charras hunting !! ;)



hi tittoon

thx for sharing, wonderfull thread...i remember your carribean thread i loved it, im sure ill love this too...

yeah i dont envy you those stomach probs, you probably would need sometime to get used to local food hehe anyway enjoy your stay there...



Life is one big grow........
wonderfull, just wonderfull!!! Enjoy the days.....may we can see some pix of the mountains and the surroudings ??


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Stomach problems ? Go for pro-biotics, will make all local food go like a breeze ! I wasted too many days because of stomach problems while on journey, now I don't go without them and it sure does make a difference.

Irie !


Oh man i knew I shouldn't have opened this thread *twisting in hash cravings, drowning in the lake beneath my desk I just drooled up* :help:

And beautiful pics! Especially the last two darker pics in your second post in which think the light renders the hash in a wonderful way!


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Great post!
I know of a place on Freak street where you can good pollen for 1000Rs for 10g if I remember correctly. That was 6 months ago... Freak street is a lovely place, I stay there when in KMD, I HATE Thamel...

If you wanna give it a go, its "the pipe house" on the right side in the picture.
Thats pic is from the start of Freak street looking from durbar square

Google maps:


Freak street is marked wrong on google, its actually Jhochhen Rd
Heya Titoon

Wooooww Very Nice and Oily
:thank you: For posting all the wonderfull different types of hash and your experiences with them! :respect:
Laterz, Low