My f13 problem, someone pls help!!


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Hi there everyone. Let me first thank you all for contributing to this forum, I have been browsing thru this section every night for months now.

I have recently got some f13 and vanilluna seeds, however, my f13 doesn't look very healthy. I dont have the words to describe it as english is not my first language, could pls someone take a look at these pics and tell me what could have gone wrong?



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Seems your seedlings have elongated due to the light source being too far away.
You should be using floros @ this stage of the game, kept inches away from the seedlings.

best wishes for a great grow and welcome to ICM! :wave:


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Thanks Lasko, Highlighter, I have now moved them closer to the lights, do you guys think they can grow back normal in a while?

Thanks again!


yes they will grow as normal after that, but be careful to not break the stem at this stage , its so fragile....good luck ! keep us posted

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and DO NOT give nutrients till they have recoverd and are growing normal.


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Hi guys, Thx! I am using flourogard soil, it is pre-fertilized organic soil, could the problem be caused by too much nutrients? Is it wise to use pre-fert soil for young plants?


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Nah, it is just that I had a seedling do this once I sprayed her. I have also seen some seedlings do this when I popped 70 f13 x panama. Around 10-20% did this bending shit. The ones I had looked like they were avoiding the light, but this is just my interpretation. I'd trust the experience of others first. Are all of your seedlings doing this?



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Hi 3d, i started with 4 seeds, 1 of them sprouted but the first 2 leaves didn't seperate and died, 1 didn't sprout, and the other 2 is the ones shown on the pic., I also have 4 vanilluna, they comes out fine only 2 of them are slower.


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I think you should walk away from them for a few days. Then come back and look. If they are not going to make it, well... But the good ones will recover and start growing normal.

Things like this happen to me all the time. But once they start vegging, they stand up and take off.