my dreamgoddess report


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i started 10 of the 15 i had in maybe november, and due to robbery and drama etc.... ( i posted about my sob story in legal issues a month or so ago in case anyone cares to read) they were all destroyed just as they began to flower

i used the last 5 after i moved into new house few months ago. 3 sprouted giving me 13/15 that popped.

1 male 2 females, both females had supoer fat leaves that purpled amazingly during late bloom but one was a big dense sucker (cut clones from it as soon as i knew it was a girl hoooray!)

its dried but not cured now, hung for a weekm then a week on a rack in curing box, now in a jar to cure completely for a month or two

since its still fresh i cant give full smoke report, but at this point it has a earthy hashy kind of scent, and a pretty damn powerfull high. i have been on a big sativa kick for a couple years now, and its good to get a refreshing indica in there

i took some crispy smaller nugs this weekend to a big outdoor festival and got some great response from some old friends

good work MOD! thanks for the freebies! its a keeper imo


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hey there h8u

i've been smoking some DG for the last few days...

it's really a very nice smoke and your right about the earthy/hashy scent and taste
i really enjoy it

MOD did a great job on excellent , easy to grow cross



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also forgot to add, finished fast... i started about 6 varieties at same time, and this was 2nd to finish, i dont count days i just look at trichs so no idea when, but fattened up quick and matured quick



Sounds good - I have some, started a few, but they didn't take in my small grow.

Thanks for the report