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Here's a couple of pics of my little bike that got stolen from someone I thought was my friend.its long gone.my dad,my buddy and I fixed it from junk.just put a new 212cc predator motor on it too.lol for the chain cover we rigged a power washer cover as a quick fix.i loved this thing.i ever see him again I'll literally kill him.i don't care
Do you guys use motorcycle ear plugs like this? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3D6Q8ijgHWg

Yeah, yeah! It's not cool to use earplugs but I just read this article and have been thinking for hours now.

I always wish I'd be more concerned with my well-being than what I like--maybe then I'd be more interested in the earplugs than the sweet sound of my bike's engine roaring. Or I'll choose to slow down in highways, instead of looking for ways to avoid being fined with speeding tickets. LOL. So far, no luck on that. Sometimes stuff like this from RRD.org looks promising in this area (article mentions license plate covers like sprays which I thought was interesting) but of course, there's no foolproof way to evade the law. And it's always good to follow rules ;)

Of course I'm concerned about mine and others safety as well. but don't you just love speeding up from time to time??

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Hello folks,
Good stuff here and on a high carb(uretor) diet myself.
Anyone riding motorbikes up here in northern England!?

Take care,
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Riding in Massachusetts. Perfect weather. 65 degrees and leaves just starting to turn.

Great outdoors

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I have been riding and racing dirt bikes my whole life.
Then I discovered snowbikes a few years ago. Endless fun in the mountains of BC.



My dirt iron


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Well if you ever make it up to the Lakes make sure to PM me!
Just back from a 4h rideout accross the yorkshire dales.

Will do mate, that’s somewhere I don’t know at all

I’m not far from the Severn Bridge on the English side, if you’re passing through let me know if nothing else I’ll ride with you a while

Chevy cHaze

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I have that whole area down there in the southwest on my list for exploration. But it will be next year before I'll get to it... given that we find at least some "covid normality" again until then...


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i've gotten hooked on watching the Isle Of Man TT racing on youtube. those fuckers are CRAZY! lots of fun to watch though, as crazy often is...