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Ganja struetu?
So i took a motorcycle riding class and i had a freakin blast and didn't even go faster then 30 mph! we were riding little 250cc honda rebels still a ton of fun!

anyways, im looking at bikes to buy and im leaning toward a Honda Shadow, probably used, i think most of them are about 750cc.

anyways, im totally stoked about starting riding and collecting gear and what not. Who rides and how long have you been riding? what do you ride?


Nice man! I'm a dirt rider right now in the desert...YZ450...but I'm looking for a street bike to take in the mountains/canyons. Not really a sport-bike kinda guy, though. I like the newer naked bikes...you get the power and handling of a sport bike but with a more upright riding style that doesn't wear out your joints. Like a Yamaha FZ1 or a Suzuki Bandit 1250. But my ultimate project bike...I wanna take an old CB or XS like this:

and turn it into an old school cafe racer a little like this:

I've had a couple CB750's in the past. Great bikes. Bullet-proof, decent power, easy rider. But I'm really leaning towards the Bandit. Can't beat the reliability and price/performance ratio.

Good luck and safe riding!

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Hey man, I ride the bike you're thinking of! heh. A 2001 Honda Shadow A.C.E.

I love the damn thing. The A.C.E. stands for American Classic Edition which means some fancy trim and a two-tone paint job. Mine happens to be blue/silver which looks damn hot on these bikes. Riding one is nothing like those piddly 250s you were on in class. I had a Yamaha Virago before I stepped up to the shadow and though it was fun, the 750 is a beast in comparison! I've ridden my friend's 1100 shadow with shaft drive too, very nice bike as well. Shaft drive is nice if you don't like a lot of maintenance, but honestly I don't find it that hard (and more than a little fun!) to work on your own bike anyway.

I picked up my bike a season and a half ago for 3450 with somewhere between 10k and 15k miles on it. Shes been a champ and other than an exhaust issue (idiot who installed the aftermarket exhaust didnt remove the old sealing ring, fixed it myself). I commuted to work on it 6/7 days a week a good half hour each way (with 7ish minutes of twistys!!) as well as pleasure riding pretty much every chance I got. If you want to know anything specific about the shadow, just ask.

Welcome to riding... you're going to LOVE it.


Ganja struetu?
AWESOME!! yeah the 250's weren't much for speed, but just leaning and cornering the bike is totally fun! I've always love riding my bmx bike around town, figure i'll throw a motor on one eh? yeah i figure a 750 would be MUCH more powerful and more heavy, but i think it's a good bike to start on/keep for a good while, i dont want to get a beginner's bike and have to buy another one in a year or whatever.

yeah im looking at some on craigslist and there is a 1996 shadow ace with black and red, 6000 miles and the guy is asking 3000!! what a steal. i like working on cars so i figure a bike would be no different, actually easier to deal with. i've already found a alternative way to school [30miles away] with 15 miles of twistys and no freeway riding untill i get used to the bike. im picking up another job so that i can buy one faster :D im stoked.


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but you'd look cooler on one of these.......



The Can Am Spyder Roadster by BRP
here's a page link with 39 pics on it.




cant stop wont stop
thats so fuckin bad ass man..

God i wannna bike but i know i'll be dead in 2 years as opposed to 10...

hahahaa shits great tho!! honda shadow?? not the greatest bike but they got some balls far as im concerned!! first time i rode was a shadow and 30-40 was pushin it!! as much shit as i was on im kinda suprised im still around..

Goood luck bro have fun and beee safe!!


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yea kmk those look great but buying a harley is just buying a name. id rather get a honda. but that is one of the coolest looking stockers you can get.

edit: o yea heres my old bike that i had to sell for tuition money :badday:

my bike
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actually when ya buy that harley your buying a porsche...shitake the cafe's are way cool..but i really dig that old cb wit the chrome...btw the bandits are badass...wheelie monsters...


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MOneY's Got a 2005 R1.........carbon fiber...powercomander...dual akrapovic.....she purrrrr's like a LION..........180 outthabox.....not even close to 180 now....LMAO................gotta get a good pic.......oh yeah agv moto gp valentino rossi helmut...


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I rode from age 15 - 35 than that was it. I'm talking some high times, all of them. I still have all my parts only one visible scar which I received the first week riding. LoL I hit the front binders too hard while hesitating at the fork in the road & she slid out. Wearing a t-shirt & I have gravel pits around the elbow. I killed a neighbours water sprinkler one day, it was in my way. I'd do everything on my bikes, laundry, groceries, strapped down my tools of my trade at times. My city is whacked for bikers now, danger at every turn. Watch out for the other guy. At one time cars stayed the fuck away from bikers thinking we would take their antennae & shove it up their asses if they got too close. I kicked in a car doors before. Now they're taking aim with the average guy riding the fear factor is gone.


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Irishslappop said:
So i took a motorcycle riding class and i had a freakin blast and didn't even go faster then 30 mph! we were riding little 250cc honda rebels still a ton of fun!

anyways, im looking at bikes to buy and im leaning toward a Honda Shadow, probably used, i think most of them are about 750cc.

anyways, im totally stoked about starting riding and collecting gear and what not. Who rides and how long have you been riding? what do you ride?

Best advice is to start small and work your way up. Learning on a small bike, then increasing the power is the only way to learn to ride safely, let alone enjoyably. Jumping on a fast bike will, at best, scare you, almost all people who try this route will wobble around slowly, terrified, then crash. When I rode professionally I changed from a 600 to a 750, the extra 10 or 15 kilos and 15 or 20 BHP took me 3 months to "learn" and this was around 1990, bikes are way faster now...... I had been riding for 3 years, 1 on the 600 by then BTW....

Money Mike what has your dyno operator been smokin' ? With a full system Akra, PC3 and dyno setup a good '05 might make 175 corrected Rear Wheel BHP, the only 180 you will see is on the speedo ;-)


Irish - where are you located? That bike for 3k sounds like it could be a really good way to go, but I'd try talking him down a little more. If you aren't in california (or somewhere else where you can ride all season) a bike at the end of the riding season is worth less than at the beginning. When I first got my bike I was looking at maps and planning alternate routes too, but you might want to avoid those twistys for just a little bit until you've proven to yourself you're capable of handling them on a daily basis. I actually found that freeway riding isn't very difficult, especially if you're doing a relaxed 60/65 in the slow lane. Just dont put yourself in a position where you are relying on the bike to get you somewhere when you aren't fully comfortable with that route. Take it easy to start and ride for fun. You'll be scrapin pegs in no time.

moneymike - Aw man! What a sick sounding bike! You've gotta at least post some pics and maybe a youtube of that shit! I love the way the R1s look, especially in that sexy blue/silver they've got going on. Im sure you out run the fuzz all the time on that shit huh?

chaos - Thats true on sport bikes but the shadow he is looking at is pretty tame. 40-50ish BHP on a 550 lb bike (on a good day).


Ganja struetu?
there are plenty of them on craigslist for decent prices heres a pretty good one

tWeedleDee: yeah im in california, what is riding in the rain like? cant imagine it would be a very good idea... especially for a new rider. the problem with freeway riding currently is that the san francisco bay has about the worst traffic of anywhere in california, excluding L.A. and i'd be commuting.

more and more im leaning towards keeping my car, getting a second job, buying the bike and learning how to ride and driving my car to places i have to be at or take a traffic packed freeway to get to.

im just so excited about getting good at riding and taking a ride somewhere FARAWAY, just me and the road, stopping at dinners and motels, meeting people, finding drinking buddies. two of my best buds got their licences too so im stoked about taking trips with them too.


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Got my first bike this summer and I'm having a blast learning to ride it. Been watching and learning about Moto Gp for the first time. Those guys are f*ckin nuts. They just scream into corners at easily 100+ mph and lean those bikes over 50+ degress only to come flying out of the corners even faster. Awesome. I was thinking about starting a moto gp thread but the seasons basically over, maybe next year. I've tended to lean towards the italian bike makers but that Harley kmk420kali posted is bad ass. Here is a couple of my faves

Ducati Monster- Absolutely loooove this bike. Plus everyone mods them out so much no two really look the same.

KTM Super Duke-Never been on one, but I think they're cool looking with all the angles.

Confederate Hellcat-If I had the $100,000 to drop on one I would. But I pay to have a round headlight instead of those little bug eyed ones thou.

Finally one of the sickest bikes ever made: Bimota Tesi 3d. Very different looking, but hand made just for you. Engineering master piece if you ask me. Hope to see one in person before I die. Drooooooool


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that KTM was made just for stuntin. if you look the undertail is just short enough to put a 12bar on and get a straight vertical scraping goin on.


Its COOL to DROOL!!!!!!
How much is that ducatti?? never ridden a bike ever...im sure if i do ill get addicted...love speed...definitely would hurt myself without getting a personal trainer.