Mostly Pics report


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I also grow kittens:love:


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Some actual strains

Red hot cookies , sweet seeds
View attachment 18124004

Mimosa , barneys farm
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Sweet skittleu, sweed seeds
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1024, medical seeds
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Hey mate,
They all look great!
How did you find the 1024?
That one was a favourite of mine around 10 years ago and recently grabbed a few more. I’ve only just flipped so a fair way off a sample yet.
It’s good to see someone else growing it out.


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Honestly, I was a bit disappointed. Only about half as much harvest as on the 1st one. The quality is good, but also not the same as last time.
But was worth it - the other plant was just extraordinary I presume.. you find pictures here

An the acutal flowers look

El Pollo Diablo

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Moin Snipp

Geile Genetik hast du am Start! Riecht die Mimosa x Orange Punch nach orange?

Afghan Kush x Black Domina sieht auch echt nach dank aus!

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