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Migrow 8 Arrived Well Packed


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Above 1x Migrow 4(250w) x 2 = Migrow 8 good for 4x4ft Grow Room, not a girls light by any stretch of the imagination, and had to resort to wading thru pages on their sight on 'how to hang', once assembled its very light to hang and now mines on counterweights for ease of access.
its one reason why I bought this light over the others was the fact there were pages of specs on the their site along with many happy reviews on YT.
Good to see this Irish guy listens to the fans, and takes the recs seriously...thank you Sean
many recent improvements and updates may well leave me behind the tech wall but thats ok, its taken me years to get this far ..lol
As for repacking no way its been packed by a robot
latest is their Array 2 for 2x2ft spaces. cheers
Flowering Coverage Photoperiod Up to 120cm x 60cm (4ft x 2ft)
Flowering Coverage Autoflower Up to 150cm x 75cm (5ft x 2.5ft)
Vegging Coverage Up to 180cm x 90cm (6ft x 3ft)
Minimum Hanging Height +RED 25cm (10″)
Full-Spectrum Samsung White 3000K and 5000K CT LM281B and 660nm Reds
Driver Dimming 20 to 100% PWM
Dimmer Adjustment: Seedlings (up to 3 weeks old): 40%
Early Vegetative phase (3 to 5 weeks old): Increase from 80% to 100%
Late Veg and Flower: 100%
Number of LED Bars 4
Light Dimensions 46cm x 98cm (18″ x 39″)
Power Consumed 250 (+RED) watts
Voltage / Current 110V / 2.2 Amp; 220V / 1.2 Amp
Total PPF 675 µmols/sec
Efficiency PPF/Watt 2.7 µmols/joule
LED Protection Acrylic conformal coating (waterproof)
Lifetime 50,000 hours (8.5 years @ 16hour/day)
Warranty 3 years
Protection class IP66
Certification CE, RoHS2, UKCA EMC, EN 55015
Hanging Weight 2.6Kg (5.7lbs)
Hanging System Cable hung on cable grip and ratchet hanger

https://www.youtube.com/@MIGROLIGHT https://migrolight.com/products/migro-aray-4-140w-265w


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You have a good light with this one. Migrolight seems to know lights and from what I have seen that light is kick ass. When you get it running if you have time, please post a photo or two so we can see how well it works. A few others are in the market for lights and this may be helpful. Thanks for sharing.


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My first led was from migro👍
It was the COB single lens.. worked really well. Sold it to a buddy and got a Lumatek.
Actually buying one of these this week to bring the watts up to 550...

They has a savage YouTube channel for anyone interested in honest reviews of light on the market.

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