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Hello and welcome

lil intro ; been growing in tents for about 5years . My way to grow is Autopots , i've had good results with 6mm for 2 years straight , untill it clogged a few times and i lost faith .Tried notill for 3 grows , but its not for me . Went back to autopots and upgraded to 16mm tubes and been loving ever since .
Recently purchased the Array 8 from Migro , and am well impressed .

Genetics for this run are Gas Drawls by Chemmalab , and KmintZ by RipperSeeds

Caught a couple of these

A mate put Pheno #10 outside and is currently lightdepping her .... nicknamed her Nica lol

And last but not least the giant KmintZ below a SF4000

I grew the Gas Drawls before , had 3 females , all looked very similar .
One more smelly , one more beefy , and one more sticky .
Was definitly worth getting these seeds across the pond .

KmintZ is 3rd time i grow her from fem seed , always smells about the same ,
structure varies allot from previous plants tho .

Nutrients i use are biotabs (bioplantenvoeding.nl healthy tabs) , mycorizhae , fish emulsion ,
cheap action 1$ organic bottled veg nutrient , OPF 5-2-5 , bac PK booster , plagron Green Sensation . Also foliar them with knf maintenance spray .
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Super sweet grow friend. I'm going to ride with you for a while. Looks like you are going to have a bunch of flowers in a couple of months. Thanks for sharing your work with us.
Yoo time for an update . Im currently early week 3
Gave em a spray of pokon bio pesticide a few days ago

Forgot to mention my growlights are controlled by the Telos Growcast , and currently set to 286.8ppfd consuming only 351watts 1086umol/s on the Migro side .
Currently on 11/13 hours , will nibble off 1 or 2 more hours of sunshine in the coming weeks .

This is the Kmintz right now , she smelling like she should .
She started to yellow up early , so i hit em with some veg nutes
and fishaminoacids during week 2 .

Gas Drawls , the small plant in the right front took a large stretch , and ended up a pretty
nice plant :D

Also put the dehumidifier in the tent yesterday to 50%
Will have some more smells and pictures on the weekend
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Am well impressed with the Migro lights .

I had a chance to try a 650w light over the last 2 years , which included the lm301 diodes , and allot more red lights . These were heavy producer lights , weighed a ton , had a huge inventronics driver which couldnt be mounted outside of the tent . Dimmed to 40/65/85/100 .
The light was definitly too powerfull for 4foot tent without co2 .
Never got too use it at full power , and didnt work with the Telos Growcast either :(

So i switched em for Aray 8 by Migro , and i love it .
They come with 2 drivers you can link up , very customizable .
loads of lm281 in there , which makes up for the "poorer" light quality
Im loving how close my plants are getting to the light without burning right now .
Dont know if its due to the genetics or the blueish light .
Gonna increase the wattage a lil bit more soon
Wow this is probably gonna be one of the best , if the not the best , harvest of my life !
Supposed to be like 10/11 weekers , but im only at week 4 and im already super impressed
If this is the power of ChemD i'm sold .

KmintZ under the SF4000 is also looking gorgeous

Looks like the fishaminoacids stopped her from yellowing further

Found out that when using a few milliters of knf calmag per gallon , eggshells dissolved in appelvinegar , with addition of organic biofeed will automaticly make my water ph 5.7 .
Now im definitly not gonna skip the calcium :p
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