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Medical Cannabis grower seeking like minded people.


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Hello, I started cultivating Cannabis for cancer patients several years ago, around the time CA/CO went recreational.

After propping an occupied wheelchair in the doorway of legalization, most talk of "medical Marijuana" seems to have went to the wayside. It's all about getting high from dark colored buds now. Hopefully I can meet some growers other than the Jungle Boy Terp Hog Cali kid crowd who's only interested in themselves? The purps don't even feel like purps anymore. Purp used to connotate a specific medical value. What gives? Where are all the caregiver growers/breeders who are actually growing Cannabis for a reason other than the cell phone flash?

10 years ago: Cannabis is gonna cure the world.

Today: The purple Runtz gets me higher than the blue Runtz I think.

Was it all a sham? Was everyone full of shit?


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Have tried to add many of the medical treatments and science behind the medicine on this link

In Indian pharmacopeia, all parts of the plant are denoted as somewhat narcotic (the most powerful narcotic is in the plant's resin, charas). But different parts of the plant can also stimulate digestion, act as analgesics, nervous system stimulants, can have sedative, spasmolytic, diuretic, and aphrodisiac actions. The plant is, according to ayurvedic basic energy (virya) differentiation, warming, and its long-term use dries up the body. With moderate use, it works first as a nervous system stimulant and powerful aphrodisiac, later its action is sedating. Habitual, prolonged use of Cannabis leads towards disbalance of all three basic physiological forces in the body (as Ayurveda recognizes them) - vata, pitta, and kapha - and as the result of this disbalance chronically poor digestion, melancholy, sexual impotence, and body wasting.

In Ayurveda, bhang is used to treat high blood pressure (this therapy is usually of limited duration, until high blood pressure is corrected with other ayurvedic measures), the juice is used for lowering intraocular pressure (glaucoma), and for short-term stimulation of the nervous system... Some martial artists in northern India, mainly wrestlers, take bhang with a paste made of almonds, pistachios, black pepper, saffron, rose petals etc., mixed with fresh cow's milk - to ensure long term concentration during exhausting all-day practice, and to help the body (as their art demands the body to be as heavy as possible) to ingest enormous quantities of food, without losing its digestive power. Fresh leaf juice (bhang) is also used to treat dandruff, as a preventive measure against parasites in hair; also in cases of earache, and against bacterial inflammations and infestations of the ear. The juice is also diuretic, and therefore is used in treating inflammations of the bladder and kidney stones. Dried leaf powder is applied on fresh wounds to promote healing (new granulation tissue development). A poultice of crushed fresh leaves is used on the skin in cases of different skin infections, rashes, neuralgias - for example erysipelas, Herpes zoster, Chickenpox, eczema, etc. - to diminish pain and itching. Combined with other herbs, bhang can be used against diarrhoea - for this purpose, it is most usually combined with nutmeg (ganja may also be used for the same purpose - mainly with nutmeg and honey). With digestive herbs (like cumin, fennel, anise, ...) bhang can be excellent for stimulating appetite and digestion; with aphrodisiac herbs and foods (almonds, walnuts, sesame seeds, saffron...) it becomes an excellent aphrodisiac. When the leaves (bhang) on the other hand are mixed with tobacco, the plant diminishes appetite, and acts as an anti-aphrodisiac. In these cases, the actions of the cannabis plant are modified by other herbs in the mixture.

The most powerful narcotic, as mentioned above, is in the plant's resin, charas, and it is used in Ayurveda in aroused psychiatric states, in manic states, sometimes also (short term use) for chronic insomnia, but also for chronic pain in terminal phases of tuberculosis and malignant tumours. It is also administered in cases of chronic debilitating dry cough, like in pertussis, and in patients with lung cancer - ayurvedic doctors prefer cannabis over opium in these cases, as cannabis (compared to opium) does not produce nausea, loss of appetite, constipation or headache.

One of the best resources shared by others for medical was this thread

Making the meds tasty and fun beats just taking your pills... :)

For a patient with chronic illness, just being able to sleep or smile thru the pain without opiates
Makes it all worthwhile, alot of healing is about good sleep and state of mind

Shamans and healers of China and India have been using cannabis for 1000s of years
Now pediatric seizure patients are getting relief thru oral cbd approved by the FDA in the USA

The new names and blurred lines are a bit much agreed
If you can make a difference in just one persons quality of life, wasn't it worthwhile?

>>>Best>ibes :huggg:


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I think the "medical hype" was mostly in protest to the FBI not wanting to recognise it as a possible medicinal drug, as in: they were in total denial and were blocking research that would have been vital 20 years ago, not just for the patients but for most of the caretakers that were being thrown in jail or stipped of their licenses and families for helping people.

Nowadays, being legal to get high or medicate brings a lot of the media attention away from the medicinal side of the argument.

but I hear you,

and I raise you a:
maybe the need to get high is a medical symptom to be watched, because if you forsake moderation for the need to fill a void, you're in need of medical attention, and if you're not getting it I think smoking is a better pacifier than violence or other forms of abuse...

sorry, I'm not old and wise

welcome to the forums (medical user here too)


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Hype or not it seems like there has been a lot of attention to CBD and other non-THC cannabinoids with medical use at the forefront for example. But maybe it's been more commercially driven than grassroots forum activism. And sick people certainly haven't stopped using THC medicinally. I do kinda see what you mean with the change in tone, not sure I'm totally against it though it was sometimes a bummer to hear about everyone's illnesses all the time too.


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I was one of the first patients, I got my rec in Arcata.The high thc strains work better for me medicinally. I have worked in a dispo and know that others do really well with cbd rich strains.To each there own.