mbs and z99 test grow ala jonnybgood

Donald Mallard

el duck
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looking great jonny ,
nice to see the resin on the larger leaf ,
the cindy is looking nice man ,
nice blunted solid buds coming there by the looks ,
how much longer on the mbs and z99 jonny??
ive started harvesting mine yesterday ...


im figuring about 2 more weeks to allow maximum ripening of seeds, plus a nice couchlock stone from the deseeded bud! looks like its going to be some seriously monster smoke my friend. as you can see, even with the warmer temps, im seein some purpling on both the z99 and mbs!


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Great plants Jonny the Z99's seem to have a decent amount of stretch on them. Got myslelf a pack of Z99's that I haven't been able to pop cause of security reasons but the heat is off me now so it's time to let it rip I reckon. So yeah its good to know I've got some sweet genetics going by your grow. thnx for sharing