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Matanuska Tundra

Harry Gypsna

Dirty hippy Bastard
Hi people. Does anybody know if This starin is like the proper maanuska??. Any1 grown this??? I have smoked a fir bit of what the guy who grew it said was matanuska, it was really nice, with an earthy taste, some citrus to it occaisonally, but mosty hashy and earthy.
Any1 know, if I get it, is there anything I should wtch out for???


Hi Harry!!
Yep, I have grown Sagarmatha's Matanuska Tundra few years now and I can tell you it is a killer!! My (and many of my close friends) favourite plant....Easy to grow, easy to clone and big hard resinous flowers :yummy: I haven't find any citrus aromas on this strain, smell is very powerful, hashy, earthy chokolate smell/taste. High is also very powerful...Wonderful and potent strain, nothing to worry about if get this strain....check out my gallery for MT pics....

i have it growing right now. It is easy to grow and the buds look solid. One stem has broken already due to weight. I sould be harvesting soon.


New member
hey there harry, everything budgrinder says! I have also grown it several time's
however sag's mantanuska mist is it!
everything your looking for this strain has it.... that's a rather large statement I know,
but it's true :)
happy gardening& wishing you all the best all the time...


Prob. the second strongest strain in terms of potency I've grown in 7 years! Great plant.


New member
would love to know more about this, as well as rockcreek thunderfuck, the srtain tht inspired the M TF.

Did anyone ever offer you any information on "rock creek thunderfuck"?
I quit smoking 26 years ago because it ruined me for all other weed, and then suddenly vanished.
I live in the boundary region near rock creek, and have searched high and low for it. I fear it's gone forever.

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