Promo / Giveaway MarsHydro July prime summer sale & giveaway - Picture contest


Here's a Freakshow, outdoors. I'm not honestly sure the date that I put her outside.
Under the big yellow ball in the sky!
Thanks @GMT for thinking of me!
I've been going thru a funk lately so I haven't been very active. I'll try to change that.


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I was wondering if all models have IR and UV ?
FC, FC-E, 4500, 8000 is there a side by side spread sheet comparison ?

Mars Hydro Led

Grow on Earth Grow with Mars
---- off contest. just for fun! ----

Unknown strain, unknown day, generic E27 bulbs.

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If random generator make me winner, restart it again.
I have already won, the prize was the weed!!

it is an invalid post but I hope at least it will raise the entries!!!
welcome, buddy. what is the total power of the three bulb? do you use extra lights for these plants?


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1: Share a cannabis picture(outdoor or indoor, both are ok)
2: Tell us the name of the strain and what day it is in.
3: Let us know it grows under old school light or new school light(no need to tell the brand out)
4: Add #marshydroprimeday
5: @Another member
6: Everyone has 3 entries totally. ;)

Hey @Mars Hydro Led thank you again for a great opportunity! My FC3000 is scheduled to arrive today!


This little girl was a Bruce banner clone about 3 weeks in veg.

Her and her sisters were in a 4x4 tent under two LED lights. (I hope that this giveaway gets us to the TS3000 light which will fill my tent better.


@growsjoe1 free opportunity if you are inclined.

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