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Diary Mango Sapphire


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Some babies :




reviewed entire thread....

omg, that looks so damn fine, my friend
you are definitely expert grower....fantastic job bibi

please describe the taste and flavor, smell when lit...
approx THC %......and describe the high, for us all...

so damn curious....




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Hi mate ,

so the flavour is really tropical fruit ,
like a mixed fruits tropical juice with tones of mango , pineapple , coco ...
with more curing you can get some exotic wood flavors .
for me it' s a perfect taste !!!
when you lit it , it' s like a strong fruity Og smellings .

the effect is really strong , perfect for the evening , more a couchlock effect ( i like that :biglaugh: ) and longlasting .

Hso claim it to 21-23 of Thc ,

and for me it' s really true .

i' m never bored with this train and will grow it again and again .

hope it helps axle2u :tiphat:


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i love finding them tasty strain s that ya keep around ,i had the KILLER QUEEN for like 5-6 yrs and i finaly let her go
keepem green -n- girlie brother


Simply incredible!

I will be honest I tried to stay out of the Mango Sapphire thread because I am unsure of HSO the company. But I really appreciate that youve popped so many multiple seeds, to me that is something I really like.


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Hi Dots ,

i' don' t know so much Hso , apart Mango sapphire wich i knew by a friend who grew them before and their Og kush wich is good , but not exceptional like the Mango .

i became a big fan of her and i can say you i will pop a new bunch of them quickly !!! :smoke out:

that' s a great and really stable strain .

I thought to try their Chocolate mint og too , cause i saw great review about it :headbange

Cheers .



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Here are my two Mango yesterday :

the little one :


the big one :


really happy for late seedlings ...

and now a first try for me ,
i' ll try to reverse them ( only few branches of each ) and do some female seeds .

first spray with colloidal silver on 3 branches of the big ( which show preflowers , i hope it' s not too late ) ,
and four branches of the little which is less advanced .

my goal is to collect some pollen for pollinate my next batch of Mango and S1' s themselve if it' s not too late ...

to be continued :headbange


Sweet. I would not say too late as far as pistils showing it will still reverse. Also I reversed one through autum/winter outdoor. Good luck.