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Westmalle is excellent Skip! Try : Orval, Westvletern, Chimay, Achel, LaTrappe, Rocheforte, and other Trappiste beers as well. I'm actually writing a recipe for Westmalle's cook book!
Today the coffeeshops in Maastricht will be open for foreigners as well. But the Mayor has told them that they will face legal action if they do. It will be interesting to see what happens.


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I went to a shop in maastricht after work with colleagues and they told me they will try to stapy open unless the mayor closes them down again, I could enter as a foreigner


See the world through a puff of smoke


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I’m from Amsterdam.
As far as I know you just need proof that you are a adult (so id) to buy weed. I think in Maastricht it’s not different


hello Guys, im.searching for a serious and trusted Contact in Maastricht.

Back in the Days, i was there 2007/2010/2014 on the boat and at the easy going.

Now - the atmosphere is lower... as in the prime times. The dust is going away... but i will come back for shopping something special.

Some.of you - maybe can help me?

Send PM! I would be very happy!

best Greets out Germany