LST training in detail. Why bushes are better


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Okay, had to go tie some more branches down.

Hope this is right!






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Nice stuff guys.

That hashberry is slightly swollen eh!

MileHighGuy your gonna have TONS a bud on them things!!!!How long will you be vegging them?

I want to do another one of these.


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@ Fladanky -

I hope so! I'll be vegging for another 30 days, Hopefully not longer, but I have to wait for a few others to catch up, part of the reason I'm training these so hard is to keep them low so my 4 others can catch up.

When I'm done, I'll be sure to post a final picture before chop


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Yes please do!

Lotta branches to work with on those things,should fill in nice with 30 more days veg.Those things would be freakin nuts with 60-90 more!Perfect plants you got to start LST in my eyes.


I love LST. It's so simple.


anybody have any clue as to what this plant could be? it's bagseed but i'm fairly certain it's something from the chemdog family, either sour diesel or og. it stretches like crazy.



More A.M.S. training after I took some clones. That bright green must be some deficit (N?) caused by pruning the fan leafs on some nodes on the main stem. The nodes are so close together it was always a hustle to water this lady.

Have you ever 'packed' fan leafs and tied them back? So they do not receive light but still should've stored energy. They would use it and die afterwards. Does this sound plausible?


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The grow I work at is attempting to train and screen only after week 2 of flower. smh. And it's not even good trapping/training.


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we cut off the top when there is a few sets of leaves... and then we don't tie anything down... we put the pot of its side for a day/two, and then rotate every day/two... the sides get light, and the tops bend toward it... seems to work pretty good