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looking for information on blazing cindy


I'm planning to buy a couple of packs of blazing cindy. I want to grow a Neville Haze hybrid and I always heard great things about Johnny Blaze and I can't imagine that C99 mixed into the genes would take much away from the original; and may add something. I haven't come across posts describing the finished Blazing Cindy product on this forum or elsewhere. I'm growing 6-7 gallons of soil (either 2 3-gallon pots or 1 7-gallon) in a 2.5 x2 ft tent with about 3.5 ft of vertical grow space above the top of the pot before the plants would get too close to the ~ 500 watts of LED lights.

My specific questions are:
1. What yield can I reasonably expect from Blazing Cindy under my conditions?
2. Would the stretch be manageable in my tent?
3. What's the effect of smoking blazing cindy like?

Thank you to anyone who can chime in on these questions so I know what to expect.


Thanks Warped1. I'm thinking maybe I should change my handle to Warped2. I've seen the thread you referenced but that's about all I've been able to find even with a google search. I'm going to get them anyway because I don't think I can go wrong, even though I'm hesitant to use regular seeds as I have little space for sexing multiple plants. I'm also going to get a couple of packs of regular Big Haze from Crazy-X seeds as I love hazes. Everything else I'll grow will be from feminized seeds.


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I've run a couple of NuggetShiner's seed lines - and really like the Golden Cindy - which used the same C99 male.

I had 9wk plants that were some of the bigger yielders I've come across in general. The potency wasn't quite what I was used to after growing chems/ogs/diesels - but everyone that tried the flowers really liked them.

Found the male C99 really carried some traits over - had quite a few plants with a very acidic pineapple smell and taste. The Golden Cindy reminded me quite a bit of old ISS plants from up north...fwiw.

I'd assume with that kind of limited vertical height...you might want to consider making a mother plant out of them and then using 1.7gallon rose buckets. They are about 8" across, so you could fit at least 9 of them in your space. I'd take just rooted clones, veg them for about 3 days just to get the roots started in their container, and then I'd flip them.

With those haze - I'd not even veg at all - just rooted clones direct to flip.

Here's the Golden Cindy though:







Good, high yielding plants from his work, in general...fwiw.



Dank.Frank thanks for your post. I like the idea of cramming the tent full of small pots because as you say the hazes would need little if any veg time and I'd probably maximize yields that way but I really can't do that because it would be too much maintenance with clones, mother plants, watering, etc. The tent will be in a closet near the front entrance and I need to have things compact, simple , such as growing one feminized seed plant per grow, and stealth. I think I can accommodate one haze plant by bending and tying branches within the 5 sq ft of the tent. I may grow two 3 gallon plants at a time instead of one 7 gallon which could control the height more. I'm not sure now as I'm just getting things set up to grow again. I've been inactive for about 2 years. In addition to blazing cindy and big haze I'll be growing feminized Malawi, Destroyer and Skunk Haze (from Ceres.)